OUTSOURCED “A Sitar Is Born” Review


OUTSOURCED “A Sitar Is Born” Season 1 Episode 11 – I continue to love OUTSOURCED. Maybe love isn’t even the word. I continue to adore Outsourced. I didn’t realize how much I actually missed the show until the return yesterday.

In “A Sitar is Born”, Todd overheard Madhuri singing in the office and attempts to get her to join a talent contest… in a round about way. By dropping hits that he knows people in the office have talent, offering to pay the entrance fee to the contest, and accompany said person on the guitar, Todd’s hints lead Gupta to believe that he’s referring to him.

Gupta, who already has dreams of becoming a big Bollywood Star, quickly agrees, and Todd’s plan of having Madhuri sing are out the window. She does, however, accompany Gupta on the keyboard (I think? I’m unsure of what that instrument was. it was a hybrid keyboard/accordion looking thing. Forgive my ignorance!). Along with Todd on the guitar, they do a rendition of The Bangle’s “Eternal Flame” – complete with a sparkler as a visual aid.

I almost fell off of my couch I was laughing so hard.

Gupta is just precious. There really isn’t another word for him – he’s adorable, charming, and just flat out FUNNY. Seeing him attempting to sing, and interpretive dance has me almost in tears.

Anisha Nagarajan’s (Madhuri) singing voice BLEW ME AWAY. When Gupta froze on stage and she stepped up to the microphone, I was thrilled. AND then proceeded to laugh yet again when she pushed Gupta out of the way when he came back to begin singing. Too funny.

Other parts of Outsourced that made me laugh:

  • Rajiv’s big “key change!” moment near the end of the episode
  • Gupta’s musical break – both at the beginning and end
  • Manmeet speaking to Charlie about Madhuri: “You call her big eyes.”
  • “A Sitar is Born” was a great episode for the return of Outsourced. What did you think?

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