NBC Picks up Ron Moore Pilot

NBC is going into business with Battlestar Galactica mastermind Ron Moore. Entertainment Weekly reports that the network has greenlighted 17th PRECINCT, Moore’s Sony TV produced pilot.

Described as a “Harry Potter for Grown-ups,” 17th Precinct follows a police unit in the fictional town of Exelsior, part of a world ruled by magic. It’s being billed as an ensemble piece, but there is no casting news yet.

Apparently Moore also has another pilot being considered by NBC, though it has not yet been picked up. The McCulloch would center on the crew of a Coast Guard cutter that is travellling around the world.

How does 17th Precinct sound to you? Did it have you at Ron Moore and ‘Harry Potter’ or does it sound too much like a standard police procedural with some magic thrown in?