HUSTLE Series 7 Episode 3 “Clearance From A Deal” (BBC)

Hustle BBC

Watch a sneak peek and check out a first look of the upcoming episode of season 7 of the UK Hit series HUSTLE “Clearance From A Deal” Series 7 Episode 3 which airs Friday January 21 at 9 pm on BBC One.

Episode Synopsis: HUSTLE (BBC) “Clearance From A Deal” Series 7 Episode 3 – American casino owner and infamous grifter-buster Marcus Wendell is in town, and Albert has an old family score to settle. The team set upon a plan to sell Marcus a rigged roulette wheel, but this is no ordinary challenge; Marcus knows who they are, and even what they plan to con him on. Can the team really beat the world’s most unconnable mark, or is this challenge set to be their last?

Show Summary: This series saw the return of the notorious master con man Mickey Bricks (Adrian Lester), accompanied by his long-standing accomplices, veteran roper Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn), and quick fix extraordinaire ‘Three Socks’ Morgan (Robert Glenister). Also returned were sister and brother duo, Sean and Emma Kennedy (Kelly Adams, Holby City and Matt Di Angelo, EastEnders). Who after being tutored in the art of the con, are now fully fledged members of this outstanding group of grifters. This series followed the Hustle teams efforts, to liberate more greedy fat cats from their ill gotten gains. While Sean and Emma continue to learn about the substantial risks and rewards, the life of a grifter provides.