ROYAL PAINS “Mulligan” Advance Review

Royal Pains USA "Mulligan"

ROYAL PAINS “Mulligan” Season 2 Episode 13 – Eddie’s heart attack causes both Hank and Evan to reassess their father’s situation, while Divya must do some re- evaluating of her own in regard to Raj and Adam. Meanwhile, Jill plays in a pro-am tournament with the patient of the week, a professional golfer played by guest star Tom Cavanagh (Ed, Love Monkey). I had a chance to watch “Mulligan” early and it’s a solid return for ROYAL PAINS.

In what seems like an especially cold and snowy winter here on the east coast, it’s great to head back to summer in the Hamptons with the Lawson brothers. Not that everything is sunshine and roses there, of course. The episode picks up where the summer finale left off: Eddie has had a heart attack and his condition is grave. Hank does what he does best and works to save his father’s life. Evan, meanwhile, investigates his father’s legal situation and gets an assist–in more ways than one–from a rather unlikely source. There are some nice Hank-Evan moments as they adjust to Eddie’s condition and have to decide how to go forward. Evan has grown so much this season and I love seeing him take a certain amount of control while remaining “so very Evan.”

On the romantic front, a guilty Divya is faced with Adam–and a choice. I’m not the biggest fan of the drawn-out Divy is going to move to London storyline, but Divya’s actions and words are interesting here. Jill takes an interest in Jack (yep–Jack and Jill) the golf pro and I have to say, I don’t think anyone could be more perfectly suited to be on Royal Pains than Tom Cavanagh. I’m a big fan of his anyway, but he just slips right in like he had always been there. Unfortunately all does not go well on the course for Jack or Jill, so Hank, who is the tournament’s physician, is called in to help, leading to one of my favorite Jill scenes so far.

Sadly, Paige doesn’t appear in the episode (wouldn’t she have wanted to be there for Evan?) and there is no news on the pregnant Marissa front, but the focus is where it should be: squarely on the Lawsons. In fact, this is a heavier, more serious episode than most with Eddie’s condition weighing heavily on Hank and Evan. I have enjoyed the Eddie arc so far, not so much because of Eddie himself, though I’m always happy to see Henry Winkler, but because it’s bringing out new layers in the brothers and that certainly continues in this episode.

That is not to say we don’t get some much needed comic relief. Of course we do, courtesy of Evan, Jill, and a golfing couple played by Amy Sedaris and David Costabile. A perfectly matched ring tone and a truly unfortunate ensemble, both courtesy of Evan, are two of my favorite funny moments.

A few choice lines:

“You’re more of a ruffler than a smoother.” True.

“Would you autograph my balls?”/`Maybe when I get to know you better.” Yes, I’m twelve.

“Your body is a wonderland.” Admittedly this one is more horrifying than funny, but it is certainly memorable.

“Mulligan” does a terrific job of resolving some issues, punting at least one in a way that makes sense, and setting up some interesting arcs for the rest of the season. It’s good to have Royal Pains back.

After you’ve watched Royal Pains on USA tonight at 9pm eastern/8pm central, I hope you’ll come back and post what you thought.

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