ROYAL PAINS “Astraphobia” Season 2 Episode 16 Photos

Royal Pains

Check out photos from ROYAL PAINS Season 2 Episode 16 “Astraphobia” which airs on Thursday February 10 at 10pm on USA Network.

Episode Synopsis: ROYAL PAINS “Astraphobia” Season 2 Episode 16 – Jaime Ray Newman plays Stacy Sacks, a stormchaser who hits town in advance of a major weather event nearing the Hamptons. While searching for the best vantage point to collect her data, Stacy meets a by-the-book park ranger named Pete Stambleck, played by Gaffigan. Park ranger Pete later turns up suffering from a complete personality change, due to reasons unknown. Hank gets on that one. Divya in turn tends to Stacy, who, it turns out, is rather accident-prone. (Source: Fancast)

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