Paula Malcomson to do Guest Spot on PRIVATE PRACTICE

paula malcomson

Actress Paula Malcomson is heading over to PRIVATE PRACTICE. According to, the actress will be guest starring in an upcoming episode.

Malcomson is set to play the role of a woman whose husband is a convicted killer on death row and nearing his execution. She’ll obsessively try to get her husband a stay of execution while Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) tries to help her accept his impending death. The episode is called “Home Again.”

Sounds like another emotion episode for the series, which has had its share of rough storylines this season. The writers did an amazing job with the handling of Charlotte’s rape and I’m sure they can handle this storyline just as well.

Malcomson has previously starred in such series as Deadwood and Caprica. She also had roles on Lost and The Event, as well as a recurring role in the third season of Sons of Anarchy.