CSI “A Kiss Before Frying” Review

CSI "A Kiss Before Frying"

CSI “A Kiss Before Frying” Season 11 Episode 12 – I don’t know about you guys, but a dead person coming to life and grabbing me would make me quit my job. Immediately. No questions asked.

The rest of CSI “A Kiss Before Frying” focused on the entire team solving the attempted murder of somebody who seemed to have been burned alive by an electric chair. I personally like the episodes that focus on only one case, as most of the episodes have the team working on at least two cases. If all of the future cases are this well developed and fleshed out, then I think they should definitely keep to the one case format.

There was one sub-plot of the episode this week, which featured Greg falling madly in love with the mysterious Ellen Whitebridge. While I admire the effort of CSI trying to give us some character development for its team members, I wish they would try a little harder to make the team members a little more believable. Greg’s date with Ellen seemed doomed from the beginning. You could tell she was bad news about 5 lines into the dinner scene, and then she got more and more suspicious from there until we find out her dirty secret of being a burlesque dancer. Even after all of this, Greg still seemed so devoted to Ellen after ONE DATE. It isn’t like they were together for years and he had to defend their undying love. You had one hot date, Greg. Learn to let go. At least he ended up getting her arrested in the end, leading to one of the greatest lines in CSI history. “For what it’s worth, I’ve loved you since Tuesday”.

Overall I actually found this to be an entertaining and compelling episode from start to finish, character inconsistencies aside. It had a fun, noir vibe throughout with 50’s piano and trumpet playing as the soundtrack, as well as the cool black-and-white flashbacks. Also, this episode had some of the best cinematography I’ve seen on this show, with all of Greg’s close-ups being standouts. Hopefully CSI keeps up the quality!

Random Thoughts:

-And the award for worst South African accent ever goes to Andrew Howard for playing the interrogated truck driver. Honorable mention goes to Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond.

-I got a big Green Mile flashback with all of these botched electric chair attempts. My first suspect of these killings was Percy Wetmore.

-As soon as it was revealed that a serial killer was at fault for the murders, my wife suggested that the BAU from Criminal Minds should intervene. Wouldn’t that be an awesome crossover?