COMMUNITY “Asian Population Studies” Review

Community (NBC) "Asian Population Studies"

COMMUNITY “Asian Population Studies” Season 2 Episode 12 – There’s tension between Jeff and Annie as the study group picks a new member and Shirley’s Halloween secret is revealed–to her–in the “Asian Population Studies” episode of COMMUNITY.

It’s finally time for a new semester of anthropology, complete with a sober Professor Duncan and his newly focused penis. This episode is filled with that kind of randomness, and that is a very, very good thing. Chang on a bookcase? A mixer with tropical Skittles, cigarettes, and mouthwash? Britta flashing a kid for mezzanine tickets? A bribe of homemade kettle corn? All unexpected and awesome. I would absolutely watch a real “Troy and Abed in the Morning,” by the way. Love the sign, “Abed, you can pop my kettle corn anytime” and Abed fake-transforming into a robot at the mixer to avoid talking to people is so very Abed.

Annie’s found a new crush in Dr. Rich, whom we last saw as a banana zombie. Excellent “I love butterflies voice,” and I love that they fooled me at the end with Jeff’s slow motion run in the rain. The Jeff-Annie dance rolls on. Rich really is creepily perfect enough that I can picture him as a serial killer, and Jeff’s heartfelt “Choose Chang because you already know all of his horrify and disgusting bad habits,” is hilarious.

Troy is a terrible secret-keeper. No one should tell him anything ever, but we get to see his and Pierce’s finger counting when Shirley mentions she’s eight weeks pregnant and that is worth any amount of Shirley’s grief. Awesome evil streak that makes him rat her out just because he feels betrayed. Love that Andre came around very fast and that Shirley has a chance to be happy, even with a potential Chang baby.

I love that Community waits until almost the end of the episode for “‘Nice sweater.”/”Thanks. My dad gave it to me.” I thought they were going to ignore the fact Andre was wearing the Cosby-est Cosby sweater I’ve seen in a long time, but well-played. This episode is chock full of awesome small moments.

After all the theme episodes this season of Community, it seems almost odd to watch the gang in their natural state, but there’s some great character development here. I hope we get to see Rich actually teach Jeff to be perfect and that Annie stays assertive about what she wants. I’m also curious to see more of Shirley and Andre, not to mention Chang in the study group. It should be another great semester at Greendale.

Favorite Lines:

“It makes me Changry;” “Guilty as Chang, etc.” I wish I could turn my name into an adjective.

“He apologized? Well, that un-bangs that stripper.” I love bitter Britta.

“I agree with brown Jamie Lee Curtis.” Wow.

“How old is he?”/”30-something, I’m assuming. He has a landline and uses the word album.” Now I feel old.

“I spell kettle corn with qu.” Poor Quendra.

“What you see may be what you don’t want, but it’s also what you get.” There might be something to that. Maybe Chang should run for office.
What did you think of the episode? Any favorite lines? How long do you think the Jeff-Annie thing will be drawn out?

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