BONES “The Body in the Bag” Review

BONES (FOX) The Body in the Bag

BONES “The Body in the Bag” Season 6 Episode 10 – Okay so thanks to my DVR deciding to not record this episode (for reasons that are still a mystery to me as the ep was on the “to do” list, like, an hour before it), I missed about the first ten minutes of this one. Luckily I spotted that it wasn’t recording automatically and hit the button and just as luckily, I found a very detailed summary of the ep online to catch up on what I missed. Crisis averted.

The crux of this episode, you know after the whole murder thing, was the continuing story of Booth, Bones and Hannah. After Bones bared her heart to Booth, he decided that he had to tell Hannah. It’s totally the right thing to do but of course makes things awkward between Bones and Hannah, who are becoming closer friends.

I really have to say that the most interesting part of this whole triangle for me continues to be the friendship between Hannah and Bones. That takes it from being a standard, ho-hum storyline, and turns it into one that I look forward to watching every week. It also makes things complicated for me though as I find myself liking Hannah more and more and don’t want her heart broken. But I love Bones too and don’t want her hurt either. So for now I’m not rooting for anyone but just waiting to see how it all plays out and enjoying the ride along the way.

My favorite bits…

Okay so I know I didn’t actually *see* the “Scrape it off into evidence bags and be careful not to swallow,” part but as soon as I read it I totally cracked up so I’m including it in my list anyway.

Angela being sweet enough to bring Hodgins food, but eating most of it first. LOL,

Booth and Hannah agreeing that it was easier getting shot at than dealing with matters of the heart.

Angela telling Bones “secrets are toxic between friends.” That was awesome. I love Angela.

Hodgins threatening to tweeze Clark’s eyes out if he didn’t stop bugging him.

Booth and Bones getting caught (sort of) buying counterfeit handbags.

Clark telling Hodgins that he and Angela were going to be “bizarre, but splendid” parents. LOL.

Hannah admitting that she had been avoiding Bones but only because she was confused, and she didn’t want anything to break up their friendship.

Bones asking Hannah to tell the president to devote more resources to the Congo.

Camille telling Clark that if he ever felt the need to bottle himself up again, they’d understand.

The drugged out girl asking Booth if they had cleaned up the dead stuff from her shower because she didn’t “do that.”

Totally knowing that one of them was going to say the word “flexible” when I saw that Booth and Sweets were watching the sex tapes.

Sweets asking if watching the tapes counted as porn or work. There’s a question I don’t think too many people have had to ask themselves.

Aha! I totally suspected the “Prada Policeman” as soon as I saw him. I don’t know why, but I did.

Hodgins and Angela looking at their baby on the big screen. So sweet!

Hodgins giving Angela the key to their new house. Aww!

Bones saying that men looking at her happens often as she is quite beautiful. LOL.

Bones and Hannah giggling over the creep and calling for the barkeep.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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