BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Corn Star” Review

Bleep My Dad Says (CBS) Corn Star

BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Corn Star” Season 1 Episode 14 – The Ed-centric episodes of BLEEP MY DAD SAYS are generally the better ones, especially when there’s a solid foil for William Shatner to play off, and that was certainly the case with “Corn Star.”

Facing off against neighbor and Homeowner’s Association Vice President Jean Smart (“Designing Women), things escalate regarding the size of Ed’s corn stalks as he ends up running against her for HOA President. There were plenty of one-shot funny lines this time out, plus the chemistry between Shatner and Smart, with innuendo from the start. The “Uncle Sam” placard of Ed saying “I Want Corn” was pretty funny, but even better was Ed as doctor checking out her foot trouble (“I’m a doctor, I hate all my patients”) prior to the debate only to rub her right and get her befuddled during the HOA debate.

This was a solid opportunity for Shatner to milk the right lines, mug away and just have a good time with script that worked. The final smooch he plants on Smart at the end was the capper. Always keep ’em guessin’ Ed they should call him. In fact, she was such a presence, they should bring her back down the road.

Even this week’s Vince and Bonnie subplot was better than usual, bantering about their celebrity “lists,” only to have Henry interview a local newscaster on Vince’s list and Vince tells her and she throws herself at him. Even that was amusing. There wasn’t a lot from Henry, who just played the verbal punching bag a bit. But maybe next time.

So, an actually funny and entertaining week for Bleep My Dad Says. More episodes like “Corn Star” are needed from the show. Here’s hoping next week also provides a yuk or two.