THE MIDDLE “Super Sunday” Review

THE MIDDLE Super Sunday

THE MIDDLE “Super Sunday” Season 2 Episode 13 – Brick learns and shares a little too much about football, Mr. Ehlert finally pushes Frankie too far, and Sue shows off her (lack of) dancing skills in the “Super Sunday” episode of THE MIDDLE.

Because I love The Middle, I’ll set aside the fact that the Super Bowl doesn’t even exist in my world this year after the humiliating and shockingly pathetic display by the Patriots last Sunday. Mike gets a crash course in be careful what you wish for when he gets Brick interested in football because of all the three syllable words. You know after Brick’s tenth “odds are,” Mike was wishing he had just left him to his copper plate gothic font. Axl wished it, too, since Mike replaces him after being blown off one too many times. “What, he’s your son now?” Hee. Terrific argument between Axl and Brick and I love that Mike kicked them both out.

What are the odds that I would review two shows within a two week span that had colonoscopy road trips–both with Everybody Loves Raymond alumni, at that? Is this some sort of trend? Anyway, poor Frankie–after thinking she and her Halloween costume briefcase are going places via a management seminar, the only place she ends up going is straight to hell in a Winnebago. It took longer than I expected for her to be pushed past the breaking point, but I love her eventual blow-up. Patricia Heaton is really good with monologues. Plus, Frankie finally does show Mr. Ehlert she has “something.” “You didn’t need any seminar.” Got that right.

This episode wins best use of “Eye of the Tiger” award for the Brad and Sue dance training sequence. I would also award them the best use of bad dancing since Elaine on Seinfeld for Sue’s freestyle performance. While I’m over the Brad is so gay and Sue (and possibly Brad) doesn’t realize it gag, they play off each other beautifully. Sue is wise. “Do you really want to peak in eighth grade? You’d have nowhere to go but down.” This is why I love Sue and her heart of a champion and legs of a spectator. In one episode she shows awesome physical comedy skills, kills with lines like “Are you square dance breaking up with me,” and then adds just enough heartwarming sentiment to leave you smiling.

Favorite lines:
“Look at you, square dancing with the garage door open so the neighbors can see.” Give it up, Mike.

“I only read up to when the Miami Dolphins drafted this guy named Dan Marino. He looks pretty good. I’ll bet he won a lot of Super Bowls.” Poor Marino–he may have been one of the greatest, but he can’t live down never winning the big one.

“You’re a killer with lady parts. Nicely played.” Go, Frankie!

“If I wanted to cheat on my wife, I’d go to the big city and sleep with an ethnic gal.” Mr Ehlert leaves me speechless.

“Dancer down!” I love Brad.

What a fun episode of The Middle that just flew by. I really love the juxtaposition of the Super Bowl and square dancing. It makes me giggle–just like this episode.

What did you think of “Super Sunday?” What were your favorite moments? Post in the comments

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