THE GOOD WIFE “Two Courts” Review


THE GOOD WIFE “Two Courts” Season 2 Episode 11 – It is Lockhart, Gardner & Bond against the DA once again, and once again our favourite morally questionable firm are set to task defending a murderer. With ridiculously a overpriced jury reader ($60,000 a week is his fee!) and a variety of strategies ranging from taunting the unfair judge with basketball references to trying to play to the jury’s prejudice by attacking a witness’ Scientology religious views, they are not going down without a fight.

But this episode was less about the case than the internal shake up of Lockhart, Gardner & Bond, and the internal shake up promises some thrilling outcomes. When Kalinda finds out that Blake is her supervisor, she is determined to bring him down. She does so with a truly successful outcome: securing support from Will and Diane, gaining a salary above Blake’s (and membership to a country club) she is the catalyst that sets off a whole chain reaction. After revealing to Alicia that Blake did back up checks on her, she confronts Will, who in turn confronts Bond. This leads to the exciting plan concocted over tea and biscuits (off camera, but I assume that’s what you have in such circumstances) between Will and Diane, who realize they have been played. And thus they decide to play Bond for two months, after which a $100,000,000 (what a lot of zeros!) deal has been brokered in the firm. I have a feeling that Bond will not go down so easily, and I do not think that Blake will take Kalinda’s salary raise in his stride. No, Will, the waters have not been calmed.

Peter’s political campaign gained and lost support. It was a less interesting storyline, though between Jackie and Eli, it was far from boring, and contained the best line of the night. When Eli scoffs to his possible replacement: “Unless that’s Buddha and Jesus on speed dial…”

Cue best response ever: “Jackie, how are you?”

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