SILENT WITNESS “First Casualty” Review

Silent Witness "First Casualty"

SILENT WITNESS “First Casualty” Parts 1 & 2 – A soldier suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder meets up with an anxious young woman. Within a day both are dead. But how and why?

Meanwhile, Harry has to deal with the fallout from a past case. His inability to determine an exact time of death resulted in a murder suspect being acquitted, leading to the suspect murdering again. As a result, Harry has to face a tribunal.

While this was a fairly solid episode with very interesting cases, the direction was a letdown for me. The long lingering reaction shots looked too documentary-esque, the long shots of people waiting around were like something from an indie movie, and the war scenes were yellowed and blurred for effect but instead looked sloppy, amateurish.

Otherwise, this was a great episode. The case was intriguing and the resolution to it was satisfying, if somewhat harrowing. The performances from the actors playing the soldiers were brilliant, particularly Darren Morfitt. It’s was almost a shame when we had to cut away from the soldiers on base and go back to the pathologists.

I would be interested in reading what actual pathologists think of this series. Some of the things that are done seem lax, like Nikki opening up the body of Cats before doing a thorough external exam and finding the head wound. It might be standard procedure, but it reads like putting the cart before the horse. And let’s not talk about Nikki wandering into that flat on her own, despite the fact it was a potentially dangerous situation and she had no hard proof a child was inside. We could put this down to her mental stress, as seen in the first two episodes of this series, but no more has been said about that since.

Regardless, this was the best two-parter of the series so far. I look forward to next week which deals with conspiracies and sees Harry being sent to Budapest.

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