BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Cat” Review

BETTER WITH YOU "Better with a Cat"

BETTER WITH YOU “Better With Cat” Episode 13 – It is another Putney competition in this week’s episode of Better With You. When Mia and Casey share with the family the many things that their pediatrician wants them to do to prepare for the birth of their child, Maddie and Vicki take it as a challenge to compete to become the baby’s named guardians with Joel and Ben eagerly participating as well.

I loved how both Maddie and Vicki both heard something entirely different in the conversation with Mia and Casey and how their interpretations were actually replayed. It was interesting that one picked up on the adopt the cat issue while the other picked up on the take a CPR class. Both thought that what they were doing would prove to Mia and Casey that they were responsible enough to be the baby’s guardian. Meanwhile Mia and Casey had already decided that one of Casey’s relatives who is a pediatrician would have the honor. As Mia said, when asked by Casey, if the couples would be mad when they find out they are not the guardians, “Who cares? We’ll be dead.”

Naturally, neither Joel and Vicki nor Maddie and Ben are particularly responsible when it comes down to a competition. Indeed, with this family everything is a competition. I could not help but laugh at Maddie’s terming it as a “cut throat guardian competition.” Just what everyone wants in the guardian of a baby, the ability to cut the throat of the other side.

I think this show is best when it involves the quirkiness of the Putney family and their incessant need to outshine, out do, and beat each other. My favorite moments from tonight include:

In Maddie’s flashback to the conversation, she heard Casey say that he named the cat “a really dumb name” without hearing the actual name, Mr. Meow-gi, which I thought was quite brilliant even if it was partly because the cat did not speak good English.

Mia asking Casey “Is there anything that you cannot make into fake boobs” and his reply “Is that a challenge?” followed later by Joel asking “Is there anything that you cannot get pregnant? with the same response from Casey.

“We adopted the crap out of him.”

That Vicki and Joel spent over $200 to buy a new cat to replace the stray cat that they lost when they adopted it to prove how responsible they were and then how they just discarded the new cat immediately.

I thought this was one of the better episodes of Better With You. What did you think? Do you like the Putney compeititions? Tell us what you thought about this epsiode in the comment section below.

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