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With all kinds of video content coming from all kinds of sources, companies are not only constantly trying to stay ahead of the tech of producing these videos on various platforms; they also have the challenge of figuring out how to make money from them. Because whether it’s a TV show or a music video, that’s someone’s art and someone needs to get paid for it.

Case in point: YouTube Mobile wasn’t able to offer any of VEVO’s music videos for months, even though the two companies shared a close relationship. Why, you ask? Because YouTube didn’t have a way to show them with ads. The solution? YouTube enabled pre-roll ads for some mobile devices and now some Android users can watch VEVO on their phones. Problem solved.

Inserting the ads isn’t always that easy though, especially when dealing with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). But according to, one company is working hard to change all this – mDialog. The mobile video platform allows users to not only upload their assets, they can also flag at what point in each video they want and ad to appear. Then they simply distribute that content to their users and it was announced recently that they are adding support for the Roku media player.

What this means for Roku is now the company will be able to give publishers another way to monetize their content, which in turn means Roku will be able to attract more content partners. Roku has made an announcement of their own – that it will be getting its first “linear stream” of content through a partnership with WealthTV (who will stream content 24/7, instead of only on demand like Roku’s other partners). WealthTV will charge $2.99 per month, but the upside is that Roku might attract more partners willing to offer free linear streams. Providing of course that they can insert their ads using platforms like mDialog.

CEO Greg Philpott has said that mDialog has been set up so that ads are injected into the HLS stream without any kind of buffering. This means that it’s going to be a lot more like watching TV.

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