MODERN FAMILY “Caught in the Act” Review

MODERN FAMILY Caught in the Act

MODERN FAMILY “Caught in the Act” Season 2 Episode 13 – Embarrassment is the order of the day when Gloria sends a brutal e-mail to Claire, Cam and Mitch frame a kid for a juice box accident, and the Dunphy kids catch their parents “celebrating” their anniversary in the “Caught in the Act” episode of MODERN FAMILY.

There is so much hilarity in this episode. Unfortunately, Cam and Mitchell’s attempt to get an in at a new hot restaurant via a play date gone so very wrong just isn’t that interesting compared to the rest of the episode. I do love that in the middle of a crisis they stop to figure out Angelica Huston was in `Prizzi’s Honor’ and that both Jay and Mitchell reference Amelia’s Vegas restaurant with the sommeliers on wires. I wish there had been a little more Rachael Harris because I heart her, but the ending is amusing enough. “Mitchell, he knows your name.” Hee.

This is my new favorite Gloria episode. How awesome is her plaintive “Please come back” after she sent that e-mail to Claire the bossy control freak with dry lemon squares? Plus, her conversation with Phil and Claire is some of the most impressive sexual innuendo crammed into thirty seconds I’ve ever heard and I so want to see the blooper reel. “I may pass out.” Poor Phil. What do you want to bet he logs on to Claire’s laptop and tries to recover Gloria’s naked picture?

I have to hand it to the kids–they did great under the circumstances. Alex could have washed her eyes out with bleach instead of water, they realized how lucky they are their parents love each other, they survive an unbearably awkward family talk, and they realize it’s not so hard to buy Phil and Claire a gift after all. They are so far ahead of the game that the ten years of therapy they’ll need for the locking sound alone is nothing.

Favorite lines (There are a lot of them tonight.):

“Whatever it was, it looks like Dad was winning.” I don’t know which is better: this line or the looks on Haley and Alex’s faces.

“First off, that’s how they always look at us.” Hee.

“Only because I want to.” Keep telling yourself that, Jay.

“Did you notice Dad had the same look on his face as when he smells a new car.” The writers must have had a blast with this episode because, seriously, this line is full of win.

“We are beyond blotting and rubbing. I think we’re on to sweating and crying.” At the very least.

“I seriously doubt that because now I’m thinking it was Joan Collins’ house.” Oh, Cam.

“Don’t get mad at her. Your wife is the one who just offered up her cupcakes.” I’m still laughing at this one. Such a great line and Claire’s chest punch is awesome.

“They called a family meeting when we switched to 1% milk.” Ha! That sounds like my parents.

“You made gimlets and went back to your room.” Okay, Jay’s story may have ruined sex, boots, and cheesy 80s TV for me. Poor Claire.

“Oh, no. That’s bad.” Out of the mouths of babes.

This episode of Modern Family had me rolling. I love how they connected the Phil/Claire and Gloria/Jay storylines. It worked perfectly and was hilarious. I actually wish they had given Cam and Mitchell–as much as I adore them–the episode off because I didn’t want to leave the Dunphys. Sexed up Phil eating off the floor is pure comedy gold.

What were your favorite parts of the episode? Do you think Phil will ever recover from Gloria’s cupcakes? Let me know in the comments.

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