THE CAPE “Kozmo” Review

THE CAPE “Kozmo” Season 1 Episode 3 – Following its well-done two-hour “origin” and set up premiere, THE CAPE made a bold move by shifting away from its story arc about taking down some-times snake-eyed Peter Fleming (aka Chess) and gave us a story centered in Cape mentor Max’s mysterious carnival with “Kozmo.”

Villains are as important as the hero and this show’s already begun a rogues gallery with Chess, the lizard-face gangster Scales and others. So Gregor Molotov, master escape artist and deadly assassin (but no bomb throwing, despite the last name) is just what The Cape needed. His cocky, psychotic attitude was the stuff of scary, cold-blooded and with “powers” similar to our hero, though with even more abilities. The cat-and-mouse game between them until the inevitable boil over of contempt for each other was drawn out well.

The final facedown was in comic book terms, very “Year One.” That is, The Cape didn’t just swoop in to save the day. It was all about the struggle of wills between Faraday and Gregor. Farasay’s refusal to kill the killer may be seen as hokey, old-fashioned by some, but to me it’s admirable in this cynical age that too often okays heroes who kill. The Cape has ethics and let’s keep seeing that.

As Faraday/The Cape, David Lyons is finding more range and digging deeper for what this hero’s all about – more than a cop seeking revenge, but rather real justice. While Thomas Kretschmann’s Gregor was so riveting as a near madman, the ying-yang should be explored again with a possible return down the road.

Dark, yet never bleak “Kozmo” was solid installment of THE CAPE and a chance to spend yet more time with the carnival, especially Keith David’s so likable Max and Martin Klebba (from the Pirates of the Caribbean films) diminutive ass-kicker Rollo. Next week, mayhem on a racing train.