PARKS AND RECREATION Season 3: The Lowdown


With the third season of PARKS AND RECREATION closely approaching, Daemon’s TV thought we might give you a little sneak peak into the new season!

I’m a huge fan of Parks and Recreation, and was really lucky to see the first six episodes before they hit the airwaves on January 20th. When season two ended, we were left with Andy in the hospital yet again; April upset that he and Anne had kissed, Leslie and Mark sitting on a bench looking at the filled in pit, and the fate of the parks department resting in the hands of Ben Wyatt and Chris Traeger.

Well, the first several episodes of season 3 will fill in a few gaps and will also make you laugh possibly harder than you ever have at Parks and Recreation. Work is back in session, but with many, MANY limitations. Enter Leslie Knope who takes matters into her own hands and tries to make things all right in the world.

She decides to bring back the Harvest Festival as a way to get people involved and caring in the parks department again. There’s just the pesky budget that is standing in her way; but lucky for her Chris Traeger has turned his eyes on Ann, Leslie’s BFF. With Ann’s help will Leslie be able to kick interest back in the parks department? Or will Chris’ partner Ben keep their budget cut?

While Ben is working on keeping the budget down for the Pawnee government, he’s also developed a personal interest in Leslie – something that we saw blossoming in season 2. The beginning of season 3 takes us a little deeper into Ben’s past, and his run as mayor of his hometown when he was 18. We also discover that while Ben isn’t a great (or even a mediocre) public speaker when it comes to the press, his slip ups are so funny, that they’re forgivable.

The fate of Andy and April was what I was the most excited about in season 3. So imagine my surprise when their relations doesn’t play out the way that I had expected from the start. I love Andy – he’s hands down my favorite character in the show – with April coming in a close second. The pair of them are such an unlikely match; but somehow manage to play off of each other perfectly. While we’re forced to wait (BOO!) for their story line to play out, fans of Andy/April won’t be let down.

At the wrap up of season 2, we found out that Ron was now dating Tom’s (hot) ex-wife. As imagined, this doesn’t sit well with Tom, and right out of the gate, we’re reminded of just how obnoxious, yet hilarious, Tom can be.

Overall, season 3 gets off to a great start. What will happen with The Harvest Festival? Will Leslie be able to save her department? Will Ann and Chris become Pawnee’s next hot couple? Will Ron and Tom come to blows? What about Andy and April?

All of these questions (and more!) will be answered when Parks and Recreation returns for it’s third season on January 20th at 9:30pm on NBC. Enjoy!

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