PARENTHOOD “Opening Night” Review

Parenthood "Opening Night"

PARENTHOOD “Opening Night” Season 2 Episode 13 – The eternal question of how much to help and/or protect your child is the central theme of the “Opening Night” episode of PARENTHOOD as Drew needs to sell $500 worth of Christmas wrap, Jabbar no longer wants to do his part in the play, and Haddie gets caught with Alex.

“Support the Procrastinator.” I want that sign. I thought at first Seth was going to be the “some guy” who bought all of Drew’s ridiculous wrapping paper, but I love that Zeek is the moron, the old softie. It’s nice to see Sarah involved in parenting storylines instead of her love life–her choices earlier this season worried me, but she seems more grounded around Drew and Amber and her counting out her tips and feeling awful is so ridiculously sad. Does she make anything at the bar? She doesn’t pay rent, she doesn’t pay for the thin mints, and she still doesn’t have any money. Ouch.

Crosby and Jasmine have another tussle over parenting and partnership, this time over whether or not Jabbar should have to perform his part in the play. I think Crosby was right–Jabbar may only be 6, but there is so much to learn from having a cute little solo like that. Mostly, though, it’s just good to see Crosby stick to his guns and make Jasmine listen to him. Jabbar needs partners raising him and Crosby and Miss Stubborn USA herself, the lovely Jasmine, are getting there. My favorite part of this story is that the kids sing “Yes, we are a team” right after Jabbar’s line. So cute and fitting.

“It is unfair. It is what it is, though.” Alex is killing me. He’s the most mature one in the bunch by far, I think, and it’s awful seeing him blindsided by Haddie and hurt by Adam and Kristina. Good for him telling Haddie to work it out with her parents and even better for him that he went to Adam on his own terms, impressing the hell out of him in the process. How do you not root for him? I’m not sure I want him with Haddie right now because she needs to grow up a bit. I love her, but she’s truly very, very young. “He doesn’t even like me anymore!” Oh, Haddie. She is a teenager, plain and simple, who probably shouldn’t be dating someone trying to be so mature and honest.

I’m not really rooting for Kristina, or Adam, though. I think their reasoning is sound even if their methods are terrible, but they took Haddie’s door and I have to draw a line somewhere. I know she screwed up–more than once and more than a little, but the door? That seems both extreme and counter-productive. As does Kristina’s reaction to Camille–half crying about Haddie listening more to her than her own mother. That’s a bit too self-involved, I think.

Choice lines:

“Do you want my soul, too?” This fight sounded so real with the cross-shouting. Well-played.

“There’s no one wearing the pants or not wearing the pants. This is a partnership.”/”God, that sounds dreadful.” Good old Zeek, trapped in 1959.

“Haddie was the closest thing I’ve had to a family, sir. It felt good.” Did I mention that Alex is full of win?

“These two kids have been standing on their own two feet since the day they were born. What I’d like is to be the moron.” That made me sniffle.

“I wonder how I would have turned out if I had had parents like you.” And there are the tears.

“If I give him the part back, what do I get?” Yes, she is indeed Julia’s daughter. Hee.

“No. Dude.” Julia has been all but missing on action these past two episodes, but she says a lot with two words here. Sydney is a little too perfect as Marilyn Monroe, and I love that Julia tries to protect both her and her ideals.

I knew the Haddie-Alex situation would run into big issues, but this is quite the huge implosion. Poor Alex–all alone with his sponsor and the endless food bank phone calls (at least Haddie has Amber) and poor Max for having to listen to all that screaming. Most of all, poor Camille, Zeek, et al for having to live with heartbroken Haddie for a while. That is a great way for Parenthood to switch up the normal groupings, though, and I can’t wait to see how Camille and Kristina deal with each other.

What did you think of “Opening Night?” How long until Haddie goes home?

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