NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Detention” Review

NO ORDINARY FAMILY (ABC) - No Ordinary Detention

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Detention” Season 1 Episode 13 – It’s movie night on NO ORDINARY FAMILY – a mix of Die Hard, X-Men, and Breakfast Club. Criminals take over the precinct during an Internal Affairs investigation by officer Rachel Jacobs (Joanne Kelly). Thinking Jim is a rogue cop, Rachel reveals him to the thugs when he tries to help by taking them down one by one. Human Resources VP (and shape-shifter) Victoria Morrow causes Global Tech labs to lock down, changing into Katie’s image to get at ailing Joshua with the serum. JJ and Daphne both get detention.

While last week’s episode didn’t provide any enlightening information, concerning Dr. King’s relationship with Joshua or Joshua’s history, it did set up a point of transition for the series as a whole. In tonight’s episode “No Ordinary Detention”, it’s apparent that, not only has the storyline focus been directed towards the research mystery, the Powells’ powers have become very much a part of their individuality. Nicely illustrated from the start of No Ordinary Family, the Powells have gone through an experimenting stage, an adjustment period, and the bravado felt from pushing the limits. Now their powers have become reflexive, as if it were another appendage used instinctually.

Who gets the point at the end of day – the good guys or the bad guys? Katie and Stephanie learn that Victoria isn’t who she says she is. Joshua stops Victoria from harming them. Katie knows that Joshua has powers that he doesn’t want revealed to Stephanie. (Why; it’s a good thing that he saves them.) Yet in the end, Dr. King gets what he wants, doesn’t he? Joshua is back on the serum protocol, even if self-administered. And Victoria gets away. Will Victoria get another pass from Dr. King for her second failure? (And what happened to the real construction worker, assuming Victoria needs an actual person in order to change her form?) Victoria’s mission is semi-successful, but she doesn’t get Joshua away from Katie. This time it may be a draw.

Good ‘ol Katie accepts Joshua as he is, special power and all. There shouldn’t have been a doubt, but for a second I thought she might come unhinged at the freakiness of everything happening, especially seeing how anxious she was after the lab shut down. I was impressed with the scene when Joshua levitates the flower toward Katie to signify what he wants in his life. This was a great contrast to how his powers were used to levitate the gun to kill Detective Cho in episode two. Joshua has come so far!

Finally, there is Daphne and JJ, who have a lovely stay in detention with Natalie (she breaks up with JJ – is it for good?); Chris (kiss, telling vision, I like you, kiss – what now?); and Bailey (what is she up to – does she really like JJ?). Also JJ gives a really nice monologue during detention, delivered with sincerity, roundabout truth, and not a trace of the wiseacre that he usually is. I didn’t cringe at him once tonight. Quite an afternoon for the Powell family!

What did you think of episode 13 “No Ordinary Detention” of No Ordinary Family?