NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Archangel” Review

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NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Archangel” Season 2 Episode 13 – A great episode that starts with a nice little mystery and also messes around with the time line on us, just to keep us nice and confused. It starts out on a bus with a group of gunmen looking for a man named Driscoll and surprise, surprise, Sam is the one who stands up and says that’s him. Then we go back in time to see how he got there and along the way there’s fun stuff like Hetty and Callen competing on the rock wall (and Hetty totally kicking Callen’s ass at it, too), Deeks and Kensi making me laugh like they always do and a couple of very exciting gun battles.

In the end it turns out it was all about a man who wanted to make the names of some fallen soldiers known, rather than just their serial numbers. So that underneath all the fun stuff, there was a nice message there, too.

My favorite bits..

Wait. Sam is Matt Driscoll? Yeah, I so didn’t see that one coming. It’s pretty rare for the show to start with one of main cast in the opening scene so they totally got me it.

Yes! Hetty on the climbing wall! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it.. and um.. did I mention that I love it?

Callen trying to say he had more body mass than Hetty and her replying that he had a lot more excuses too. LOL!

Hetty totally messing with Callen’s head while they were on the wall.

Hetty saying that the director needed to wait “the extra 30 seconds for Mr. Callen to fall.” Hahaha!!

Not needing to see Callen’s fall, thanks to the many expressions that ran across Sam’s face when he did it.

Hetty telling Sam to take his “gravitationally challenged partner” with him. Ha!

Callen warning Sam not to make him break out his Running Man again. Oh please let us see that someday.

Hetty pointing out to Callen that she wasn’t so much worried about heads rolling as the other end of her anatomy.

Callen promising to protect Hetty’s ass… ets. Nice!

Deeks claiming that he smelled peanut butter cups in the car and Kensi trying hard to deny it.

Okay I know he was just saying it to keep the guy occupied but I heard a little truth in the “you think you gotta get home faster than everyone else” remark from Callen. Yep, he’s definitely spent some time on the LA freeways.

This line from Deeks: “Oh buddy, that badge better be real or my partner is gonna kick you in the FBI balls.” (I have no clue what the heck that was supposed to mean but it sure as heck made me laugh)

Deeks referring to Hetty as “that little chupacabra.”

Hetty messing with Agent “Frisbee.” LOL.

Loving the teamwork between Kensi and Deeks when they handled all the gunmen together. Especially loved how they each took a second to check in and make sure the other was okay when it was all over.

Sam telling Callen if he stopped for donuts, he was gonna be pissed.

Cracking up when Sam said “in LA? Are you kidding me?” when Driscoll suggested they catch a cab.

Total shock when the guy shot Driscoll. Holy crap!

Hetty pointing out all the good things about humans, other than just being a “violent bunch” like Callen said. So very true.

This line from Hetty: “Today it’s easy to forget the sacrifices our men and women make when much of the country is more concerned with dancing celebrities.” (It’s scary how true that is.)

Hetty offering Callen the chance to dispel the rumor that he was “owned.” LOL! Hetty said “owned.”

Finding out that Callen had already lost to Hetty three times and Sam agreeing that he was screwed.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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