Larry Hagman to Guest Star on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES

Larry Hagman

Watch out DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES fans, because it looks like J. R. Ewing (aka actor Larry Hagman) is going to be coming to Wisteria Lane for a visit. And though he won’t be playing his old Dallas character, it sounds like he’ll be playing someone pretty close.

According to, the 79-year-old actor will guest star as Frank Kaminski and Hagman himself had this to say about the role:

“He’s a real pr–k, and I sure know how to play that. But this guy’s a lot more blatant than J. R.”

Similar to J. R.’s dysfunctional relationship with long-suffering alcoholic wife Sue Ellen, Frank has recently become engaged to Lynette’s boozy mother, Stella (Polly Bergen), who Hagman hints “has something Frank wants.”

Hagman couldn’t say much more about the role, having been instructed not to reveal another word about his top-secret two-episode guest stint. Though some are hinting his appearance may involve a wedding. The actor prepped for his role by downloading a few episodes on his iPad and found himself instantly hooked by the same soapy elements that kept Dallas thriving for 13 seasons.

Says Hagman:

“It’s more or less the same. A lot of intrigue and inner-family warfare.”

Speaking of Dallas, the actor is still hoping to work out a deal with TNT to bring J. R. back to TV in a new version of the night-time soap. The update would find the oilman confined to an institution in a near catatonic state. Hagman – fully recovered from a 1995 liver transplant – says that, should the deal work out, he’d be game for “another 13 years.”

Stepping back into J. R.’s boots again would probably be a welcome distraction for the actor from a turbulent personal life. His wife of 56 years, Maj, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago and nine months ago, Hagman made the heartbreaking decision to move her to an assisted care facility just five minutes from his Santa Monica condo.

The actor confides:

“It wasn’t easy, but I couldn’t handle it anymore. It’s a nice place and I see her every day, but she’s losing herself, which is hard to handle for her. And us. You learn humility fast and how to cope with things you never thought you’d have to.”

Desperate Housewives airs Sunday at 9/8c on ABC.

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