HAWAII FIVE-0 “He Kane Hewa’ Ole” Review

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) He Kane Hewa Ole

HAWAII FIVE-0 “He Kane Hewa’ Ole” Season 1 Episode 14 – Is it just me or do all significant conversations between Danny and McGarrett happen in the car? Because it’s they sure had a doozy in this episode.

Danny put McGarrett on the spot, accusing him of going soft whenever a case involves a father and son. It’s very true but what’s also true is the fact that Danny himself responds when the case involves a father and daughter. In fact I’m surprised that McGarrett didn’t call Danny on that, since it happened again, not too long after the car talk.

At first I thought that Danny was right. When a case involves a father and son, McGarrett does go soft, but only for a little and only when taking the father’s (or son’s) feelings into account. Anyone who saw the final scene (you know, the one where McGarrett told Danny to get that woman away from him), knows that he doesn’t only go soft. That look in his eyes was anything but soft.

The other thing I thought at first was that while McGarrett goes soft over father-and-son cases, it seemed like Danny went the opposite – he became hard as nails with the father-and-daughter cases. Again though, I realized I couldn’t put such a simple label on it. Danny does get tougher but he too can be softened by the dewy eyes of a father with a missing daughter.

What did I discover after all this deliberation? It’s simple really – both guys react to the cases that affect their hearts and it simply ramps up their emotions. So if McGarrett does have a soft underbelly (which he know he must, somewhere under that macho man façade), he shows it only during those cases. Likewise Danny is the more analytical of the two, but if a case hits him just right, he’ll go off just as insanely as McGarrett does.

My final conclusion is that this was agreat episode which really got me thinking about both of the boys, and since that’s an activity I enjoy immensely, I enjoyed the ep just as much.

My favorite bits..

Thinking that there might have been a touch of truth behind Chin’s “joke” about wishing he’d gotten into another line of work.

Wincing how many times the car flipped.

Being really, really glad we didn’t see what was in that box. Judging by Kono’s face, I don’t think I wanted to see it.

Danny claiming that the courtesy knock went out with things like the bro-hug.

The way that Danny giggled when he said the thing in the box didn’t look like a master cylinder.

McGarrett and Danny discussing ChiPs. Oh Danny, I hate to break it to you but you are SOOO John and McGarrett is so Eric Estrada. That’s okay though because I always found John to be cute one on that show.

Groaning when McGarrett took the head out of the box – so much for thinking we weren’t going to have to see it. Ick.

Giggling when Max referred to the head as the “smaller victim.” I know it was wrong, but it was pretty damn funny.

Finding out that McGarrett can speak Mandarin.

McGarrett knowing when the father had seen enough and silently asking Max to cover up the body again.

Thinking that Danny hit the nail on the head when he spotted that McGarrett went goofy any time they had a case involving a father. McGarrett only proved it when he got mad about it.

Wondering what Chin’s issue was at the hospital. I was thinking it was that he had a problem with doctors.. up until his ex fiancé walked out of the elevator.

Danny flying out of the car before McGarrett had a chance to stop it. Oh yeah! Loving me some badass Danny. Hope he doesn’t mess up his knee doing stunts like that though.

Danny piecing together everything in the apartment to figure out that the daughter was actually in cahoots with her “kidnappers.”

McGarrett telling Danny to get that woman away from him. Actually I was afraid for her safety about three seconds before that, after catching a very scary look in his eyes.

McGarrett handing the grandfather a letter saying that he and his family were going to be US citizens. Aw.

McGarrett finally getting his master cylinder. Another aw.

The entire argument that the boys had while watching the ChiPs marathon.

The boys suddenly both wanting to be John as soon as Kono said he was hot. LOL! And yay for her agreeing with me.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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