Fate Revealed for HOUSE’s Thirteen

Olivia Wilde | House

Fear not HOUSE fans, if you’ve been worried about the fate of Thirteen, then I’ve got some good news for you. According to TVLine.com, the reports of the character’s death have apparently been greatly exaggerated.

Series Creator David Shore revealed that, despite the rumors saying that Olivia Wilde’s character will succumb to Huntington’s disease when she returns to the show, his plans for the actress actually extend beyond the current season. This news also comes in spite of the fact that Wilde’s movie career has been taking off recently, starring in such films as Cowboys & Aliens.

Joked Shore, with a laugh:

“That was kind of [our] plan: let her go away, become a giant movie star, and then she would come back and bring [all her new fans] with her.”

Though Shore reportedly has every expectation that Wilde will be return next fall, he also admits:

“We’ll have to continue to work around her schedule a little bit. But it would be a crying shame for us to let her get away at this point. We’ve been very good to her and we’d like a little bit of it back.”

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