FAIRLY LEGAL “Pilot” Advance Review


FAIRLY LEGAL “Pilot” Season 1 Episode 1 – Kate Reed is a young woman who was a top litigator and after becoming frustrated with the endless bureaucracy and injustice she witnessed on a daily basis, she decided to become the ultimate anti-lawyer: a mediator. Oh and she lives on a houseboat.

Basically everything about Kate is different from me, but one of things I love about USA is that they can write shows about women and make them believable enough that even I feel like I have something in common with them. As for Kate, I think what appealed to me most about her character was her desire to quit one job to go off and do something she felt in her heart was right.

I also felt we were kindred spirits when she called her dad’s cell phone just to hear his voice again. It brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the temptation to do the same when my own dad passed away. Oh and don’t even get me started on the final scene, not only because it’ll make me bawl all over again, but because I can’t reveal it anyway. Needless to say, it was very touching.

But Kate’s not alone in this show and that’s something that makes it really worth watching. No matter how interesting a main character is, you’ve got to have that supporting cast and Fairly Legal has a fantastic one.

First up there’s the evil stepmother/new president of her deceased father’s law firm. The two of them don’t get along that well but when Kate realizes that Lauren has troubles of her own, she doesn’t hesitate to ask what she can do to help.

Then there’s the boyfriend (well, he’s sort of her boyfriend – that part is kind of hard to explain without spoilers) and a brother who also quit being an attorney too, so he could be a stay-at-home dad (which I found beyond sweet).

Rounding out the cast of characters in Kate’s real-life play is an assistant named Leo. He’s the kind of guy who can handle her hectic life as well as (if not better than) she does. He can get her anything she needs, from a chai tea latte to illegal pictures from the DMV. He even manages to teach her valuable lessons while playing video games (yep, he’s that talented). He’s her rock and she knows it, which is a great part of their relationship. By the end of the episode I found myself loving Leo the most.. and not just because he had a Buffy the Vampire Slayer watch.

Plus each of her cohorts comes with their own special ring on her phone, which was a hilarious way to introduce us to each one of them.

Overall I liked the pilot episode of Fairly Legal and I’m looking forward to seeing what else it has to offer.

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