DOWNTON ABBEY Will Return for Christmas 2011

Downton Abbey

ITV and Carnival Films have announced the return of the acclaimed drama series, DOWNTON ABBEY, for Christmas 2011. The special will continue where the second series, an eight-part run scheduled for autumn 2011, ends.

Gareth Neame, Executive Producer and Managing Director, Carnival Films says:

“The public’s reaction to the first series of Downton Abbey was gratifying. With a combined audience of 12.8 million people tuning into the last episode we are delighted ITV have decided to return with all the main characters of Downton at Christmas.”

Laura Mackie, Director of Drama, ITV said:

“Julian has come up with a fantastic story that will give the audience the chance to enjoy the experience of the festive season at Downton Abbey. We’re delighted to have this as part of our Christmas schedule for December 2011.”

Downton Abbey premiered on ITV1 on 26th September 2010 with an aggregate audience of 11.8million and finished on 7th November with an aggregate audience of 12.8 million (ITV1+HD+Repeat+ITV Player) making episode seven the biggest audience for an episode of a new drama series on any channel since 2003.

Furthermore, Downton Abbey has just opened the ‘Classic’ season on Masterpiece in the U. S. (9th January). Early figures show that it has doubled the season’s average audience reaching 6.7 million people making it the highest rated show Masterpiece has transmitted in recent years.

Downton Abbey is a Carnival/Masterpiece co-production and executive produced by Carnival Films’ Managing Director, Gareth Neame and Rebecca Eaton, WGBH and Julian Fellowes. The series producer is Liz Trubridge.

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