COMMUNITY Will Play Dungeons & Dragons

Community Cast

Listen up geeks, fanboys, fangirls, gamers, nerds, RPGers and dorks! Now I may have never played Dungeons and Dragons…….. okay wait, actually I think I might have played D&D. But even if didn’t play the mother of all role-playing games, I know for a fact that I’ve played OTHER role-playing games (one of which, I’m frightened to admit, was actually based on Star Trek:The Next Generation – god help me), so this bit of news was kind of exciting for me, too.

According to EW’s Inside TV, NBC’s COMMUNITY is planning an episode where the cast will be sitting around playing that classic role-playing game, the one beloved by all geeks everywhere, none other than Dungeons & Dragons.

But unlike the paintball episode that aired last year, this episode won’t go completely overboard with the cast ending up running around the woods and trying to kill each other with swords.

Creator Dan Harmon said:

“They’re just sitting at a table playing. But it’s stylized to make it interesting and people are going to like it a lot.”

The cast and crew are also planning another Very Special Episode, which will be set entirely around Chase’s character Pierce Hawthorne being in the hospital.

Harmon said of the episode:

“I consider it special any time the episode doesn’t take place [on campus]. Pierce is in the hospital the entire episode, it’s shot in a completely different way and is a completely different experience from the normal show.”

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