CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Balcony” Review

CHUCK NBC "versus the Balcony"

CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Balcony” Season 4 Episode 11 –

Chuck is back for what may just be the last leg of its television lifespan. Of course this can only mean that there are no holds barred, that this last leg will be made of some of the most awesome television in Chuck history, right? Right? Well, judging from this episode, not so much.

Can a stone light on fire? I don’t think so. Is Chuck really that insecure that Sarah’s tale frightens him out of a lavish proposal? Or, on the other hand, is he so romantic that he is so prepared with horse and carriage, balloons and a string quartet? You would think that after four seasons and countless declarations of love.

Between unfunny Francophilia and a really awful sub-mission the first twenty five minutes were bad Chuck: not funny and not investing. The fight scene between Chuck and the two goons was terribly directed, with awkward clips of the wine glass.

The second half had such good sinister undertones that within a few minutes of the spy camera clicking I’d almost totally forgotten the terrible French clichés.

Episodes of Chuck have a weird way of often being bipolar: a lame first half followed by an exhilarating second half. I could have done without the Jeff singalong and the Canadian/Indian cushion tent.

I did not care a bit for the proposal sub-mission until Casey’s lovely anecdote (yay cigar!), and then of course the acoustics started playing and you knew it wasn’t going to turn out well. Sarah’s ultimate goal of infiltrating Volkhoff to get Chuck’s mother back was unveiled, as she left him to go undercover.

Now that an arc for the season has been sort of semi-established, I’m excited about Chuck and whatever will come from Sarah’s undercover missions.

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