TWO AND A HALF MEN “Lookin’ for Japanese Subs” Review

Two and a Half Men

TWO AND A HALF MEN “Lookin’ for Japanese Subs” Season 8 Episode 14 – As I mentioned in my last review of this show, I’m a newcomer to the series and one of the things that keeps cracking me up are the titles of the episodes. Every week before I sit down to do my review I have to type the title at the top of my page and so far, I’ve giggled both times. I think it’s a pretty good sign when a show makes you laugh before you’ve even seen it.

I also like that each title does eventually get explained in the episode and this time the title refers to Charlie peeking on Rose. Because now that she’s married (albeit fake married) Charlie suddenly finds her attractive again. Interesting how that works.

Hands-down though, the parts that made me laugh the hardest in this episode were all off the “Dumbass” stunts performed by Jake and his friend. The final one had me going so hard I couldn’t breathe or see for a minute. Of course, that didn’t stop me from watching it again.. and again.

My favorite bits..

Charlie not being able to choose between liquors and so going with all of them.

Charlie pointing out that he wasn’t popular with fathers, boyfriends, sons.. even surly lesbian roommates. Wow, he pisses off a lot of people doesn’t he?

Jake attempting to pull off the “human volcano”. Oh no! I saw that on Mythbusters.

Jake’s friend telling him to pull his pants down and roll over if the volcano started “coming out the back door.” Okay yeah, there’s an image I SOOOO didn’t need.

Laughing my ass off when the volcano worked… all over Alan’s face.

How the entire conversation about how the boys chose the name “Dumbass” actually became the answer to the question itself.

Finding out that the Human Volcano was Charlie’s idea.

Not sure which image was more disturbing – trying to figure out what position Alan could possibly have been in to throw his back out while pleasuring himself…….or why he had lipstick on. I think I need some bleach for my brain now.

The boys flying off the roof in a shopping cart, and forgetting to get it on video.

The boys giggling over Alan using the word “dicker.” Teehee… he said dicker.

Giggling at “cockamamie” before the boys did. Oh dear, what does that say about me?

Alan laughing at himself for saying “spitballing.” Okay maybe I don’t feel as bad now.

Getting worried when the boys were eating beans and talking about doing something called “the fart rocket.” Is it wrong though that I kinda wanted to see what it was?

The look on Alan’s face upon hearing this coming from the next room: “Dude, don’t waste it! Squeeze it in!”
The sight of Charlie in his “Ass-kateers” shirt.

Practically dying of laughter when Alan walked in on “Fumes of Fury.”

What did you think of this episode of Two and a Half Men? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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