Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke Talk About BEING HUMAN

Being Human Syfy

Syfy is all set to debut its newest original scripted series BEING HUMAN. At times witty, dramatic, frightening, and romantic, the series explores what it means to be human through the eyes of supernatural outsiders who share their secrets and a Boston brownstone.

Daemon’s TV was there when series stars Sam Huntington (Josh) and Meaghan Rath (Sally), along with Executive producers/writers Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke, talked about bringing the hit BBC show to America.

On the character Sally and the challenges of having a character that can’t touch anything, be seen or leave a single location.

Meaghan said that she felt the invisible aspect of Sally really helped with the feelings and emotions of what the character is going through because Sally is frustrated that she can’t touch things or be a part of everyone’s lives and as an actress she finds it frustrating too. Sally was a very involved person in life and now wants to be that way in death as well and struggles to do that without being in a physical body. Meaghan also mentioned that one of the challenges for her was remembering not to touch things as she tends to reach out and touch people and things, especially during emotional scenes, and had to learn to curb that extinct.

Jeremy noted that (and he was quick to point out this wasn’t a spoiler) Sally won’t always be confined to the house

On bringing the BBC show to America

Jeremy felt that the original show was one with a large following that people thought could do well here, with an American audience. He and Anna were fans of the original show and both felt it was on an honor to be asked to do this version and wanted to stay true to the original while bringing something new to the table. He feels that fans of the original BBC show should be happy with what they’ve done. They will be using storylines that might seem familiar to some fans but they’ll be pleasantly surprised to see them go off in different directions.

Everyone agreed that they don’t dwell too much on the fact that they are doing a “reimagining” of a show on the air. They are trying to make their show the best that it can be while striving to honor the original, they are also working hard to make their show its own separate piece.

On how Being Human differs from other genre shows

Everyone agreed that at its heart, Being Human will be a character-based show and they will be looking at these people’s issues from a human level. Most people have monsters inside that they have to fight, things about themselves that they are not proud of, the difference for these characters is that their monsters are real.

On how similar this version will be to the BBC original

There will be some similarities to the original, but they promise that it will be going off in new directions. Jeremy said that they way they did this was to look at storylines from the original series and then play a game of “what if?”, where they’d try to find new places for the stories to go. He was also quick to point out that the show is based on a wonderful premise and no one wanted to stray too much from that.

On how each of them came to work on the show

Both Sam and Meaghan said they got their roles in the standard manner, by auditioning, doing screentests and meeting with producers, etc. As for Jeremy and Anna (who are married in real life), they were presented by their agent as a team because Syfy was looking for people who could do the genre, characters, humor and relationships and they fit the bill.

On what kind of research Sam and Meaghan did for their roles

Meaghan said that first off, she’s a big believer of ghosts and in fact she is quite certain that the first home she and her family lived in was haunted. But other than having that belief, she decided not to do too much research as she felt as though Sally herself was going through something she didn’t understand. Meaghan wanted to go through it as clueless as the character, learning along the way just as Sally did.

Sam said that he made a similar decision with his character. Much like Sally, Josh is fairly new to his situation as well. Sam didn’t want to look up too much lore on werewolves as he wanted to concentrate on Josh purely as a character and not as the monster.

On how the cast and crew gets along and the chemistry of everyone involved in the show

Sam remarked that everyone got along “swimmingly” and that the people he gets to work with every day have really made working on Being Human a great experience and he loves it very much.

Jeremy said that it’s been a unique experience, with the writers work in Los Angeles and the show filmed in Montreal. He laughed that he had to get used to hearing people speak French on set and even had to upload a French app on his phone to help translate. Then he got used to it and couldn’t say enough good things about the cast and crew. He said that the crew was amazing at their job and he’s enjoyed watching everyone become best of friends after working so hard together.

Anna said that she has never worked with a cast that gets along so well and that usually there will be at least on jerk. Not on this set though, as this cast genuinely cares about everyone else.

Meaghan remarked that she feels like the energy within the three main actors is very similar to the actors themselves and she’s come to see her two co-stars as her brothers and feels extremely comfortable with them. No matter where the scene takes her, she feels safe with them by her side.

Sam on how he’s gotten used to playing a character who often goes unclothed

Sam said he was well prepared for that aspect of playing Josh as the first script he was ever given had a scene described as “Josh stands naked in the woods.” So he I pretty much knew going into, even the audition process, that this was something that was going to be a reality for him. He said that it was terrifying at first, then it became liberating and finally it got really easy. Part of the reason for that was the fact that he became so comfortable with everyone on set that after a while it was like standing naked in front of you buddies, which wasn’t hard at all. He also went on to joke that “there’s certain tricks that you can employ to hide your good parts or, mediocre parts in my case, but you just kind of get used to it.”

Being Human premieres tonight, January 17, 2011 at 9PM ET/PT on Syfy.

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