LIE TO ME “Saved” Review


LIE TO ME “Saved” Season 3 Episode 11 – This episode featured on of my favorite actresses, guest star Annabeth Gish, who I have loved ever since I saw her in a little movie called Shag (which is about the dance, not the other thing, watch those dirty minds). She did a brilliant job playing an EMT named Ilene who always mysteriously seems to arrive at accidents (even when off duty) just in the nick of time.

It turns out then when she was a child, Ilene caused the accident that killed her mother and left her brother with neurological problems. At first it looks like she’s trying to fix her mistake by creating new accidents every year around the time of her mother’s death, but as a trained EMT she’s also able to save the people involved. Except when one accident is more serious than she expected, killing a young man on impact.

I should have known I was being fooled. Because I felt like I figured out Ilene’s deal right off the bat and every single piece of evidence pointed right at her. When it turned out that it was her brother who was causing the accidents and forcing her to clean them up, everything that didn’t seem to add up, suddenly did.

My favorite bits..

Cal stuffing his face with donuts. That man is always stuffing his face with something.

Cal telling Ilene that he was the kind of doctor who was a bit of a pain in the ass. Ha! No kidding!

Cal’s description of an accident, rescue and save and comparing it to foreplay and.. release. Whoa, that was something else.

Torres telling the mother that they “work for the truth.” I like that.

Jumping about five feet in the air when Cal’s car got hit out of the blue. Can’t say I was surprised at all when Ilene came running up.

Emily not falling for her dad playing up the pain in his head to get her sympathy.

Torres getting the DA to swallow and blink by telling her to do neither.

Cal telling Ilene that she wanted him to find out about her. Okay, NOW it’s starting to make sense. I think he’s totally right, she does want to be found out.

This line: “Tell me something I don’t know.. you know you want to.”

Emily looking so guilty when Cal came home that I knew she was up to something naughty.

Cal pulling the guilt card and finding that it backfired horribly when Emily wouldn’t let him have beans on toast or a beer.

This bit:
Emily: “Are you trying to be annoying or does it just come naturally?”
Cal: “It comes naturally.”

Cal waking up to the sight of Eli’s face, declaring it a nightmare and trying to “change to the channel” to make him go away. LOL.

Cal finding all the souvenirs Kent had obviously taken from each accident scene. Creepy!

The entire scene with the Kent lying on the ground and refusing treatment and Cal getting to the bottom of what was going on between him and his sister – wow, talk about hard to watch.

Emily telling her father that there was no such thing as just a knock to the head at his age. Oh, ouch! I bet that hurt worse than the head injury. LOL.

Cal trying to deny that it was him in the picture wearing white jeans.

Emily using a picture of Cal in Mexico to try and get him to approve her trip there. Nicely done!

What did you think of this episode of Lie To Me? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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