HARRY’S LAW – The Lowdown

HARRY'S LAW The Lowdown

NBC premiere’s its new show, HARRY’S LAW, Monday night at 10:00 p.m. ET and I had the opportunity to preview the first two episodes. I think David E. Kelley has another hit on his hands. Harry’s Law falls between Ally McBeal and The Practice and is heavy with the heart.

Harriet Korn “Harry” is a big time patent attorney making six figures who finds that she is bored with what she has become. After a pot smoking, cartoon watching, and snacking frenzy, Harry finds herself without a job wandering the streets. As luck or fortune would have it, Harry literally runs into two people that change her life. The first is Malcom, a college student and drug addict charged with cocaine possession and in desperate need of an attorney. The other is Adam Branch, another attorney at a big firm who decides he wants to branch out and do something new with his career. Rounding out the small office is Brittany Snow as Harry’s assistant, Jenna.

Much like its predecessor, Ally McBeal, Harry’s Law has a touch of ridiculousness to it. There are several instances of physical comedy that immediately transported me back to the 90s. Harry’s law firm also doubles as a shoe store. Despite having no criminal experience, Harry is able to work miracle after miracle. However, Kathy Bates, manages to bring a seriousness and realness to her character, even when she is wielding a gun. That, I think, is the charm and essence of this show. As one character noted, Harry is a “hot shot corporate attorney that suddenly goes cartoon happy.” That is a very fair description of the show, but only scratches the surface.

Does it work? I think it does. Although there were times that I thought “oh, come on” such as when the two opposing attorneys stopped in the middle of trial to debate the drug war in front of the witness, the judge and the jury, I was willing to let those instances slide in order to get caught up in the other scenes. It probably goes without saying that Kathy Bates excels in her role. Also shining in this show is Nate Cordrry who plays Adam Branch. It is something to look slimy, as one character calls him, but also have the viewer rooting for you in the next instance. My only complaint with the characters thus far is that Brittany Snow has very little to do other than make earnest facial expressions in the background.

The first episode is all about setup. By the second episode it becomes more about the cases, and a little bit more about the background of the characters starting with Adam. Harry’s Law tackles issues about punishment and rehabiliation, crime committed out of necessity, and the fairness of an employer dictating how many children an employee can have. Watching Harry and Adam wrestle with the issues while also learning the ropes in the criminal justice system definitely kept my interest.

I encourage you to tune in to NBC on Monday night at 10:00 p.m. for the premiere episode of Harry’s Law and then come back here and tell me what you thought. Is this another hit for David E. Kelley? Share what you think in the comment section below.

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