FAMILY GUY “And I’m Joyce Kinney” Review

FAMILY GUY “And I’m Joyce Kinney” Season 9 Episode 9 – When a new female anchor finally replaces the recently deceased (thank you Stewie) Diane Simmons, no one is more excited than Lois, who runs into Joyce Kinney in the supermarket and quickly makes fast friends. Of course, when Joyce Kinney breaks the story about Lois’ tawdry past in a porn, no one is more shocked than Lois herself. As she struggles to overcome this betrayal (“I thought girlfriends were supposed to support each other.” She cries out, just as the door bangs open and her old girlfriend points a finger: “Haha! Slut!”) she soon learns that Joyce Kinney is not the woman she pretended to be.

This was such a funny episode of Family Guy. There was a laugh out loud gag in almost every scene. Peter’s attempt to dictate his phone number to his Mexican maid had me stifling giggles for two minutes (which is actually quite long). Stewie’s “BILF! Total BILF!” alert in the supermarket (note that the ‘B’ stands for baby) was almost as quotable but not an eighth as outrageous as the un-PC observation about the life expectancy of cerebral palsy patients: “Well, you never see a grey haired one.” My favourite scene though has got to go to Stewie flashback of Lois’ drunken tickling which was perfectly timed and executed: watching him flopping about in her vomit was disgusting and classic.

The revelation that Joyce was once a fat, nerdy girl whom Lois bullied and humiliated in front of the entire school was actually touching and gave some gravitas to the episode, which I believe made it much better.

My personal favourite line however was near the end. After Lois claims that no one in the church congregation is better than Jesus: “I’m better than Jesus!”
“Yes, okay, Tina Fey, you’re better than Jesus. But the rest of you…”

It’s funny because it’s true.

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