UNDERCOVER BOSS “BELFOR” Season 2 Episode 14 – This week’s episode of Undercover Boss focused on Sheldon Yellen, CEO of BELFOR, which is a property restoration company that rebuilds properties that were destroyed or damaged for various reasons.

This episode of Undercover Boss actually differed quite a bit from previous episodes for a few reasons. First of all, how rich was this guy?! I mean, it’s not surprising that these CEOs are wealthy, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a participant on Undercover Boss who was this loaded! A private jet, a huge closet full of Gucci clothing, and probably one of the biggest homes we’ve seen on Undercover Boss. I wouldn’t have thought with all of the big companies they’ve showcased on previous episodes that I would be most impressed with how rich the CEO of BELFOR was. I’d never even heard of BELFOR before this episode! Just goes to show how much money is out there in this world.

Although it turns out that out of all the things money can buy, it apparently can’t buy patience. Man, could this guy get angry! Don’t get me wrong, because I get upset in about 5 minutes if a picture I’m trying to hang isn’t taking right, but drilling in drywall is supposed to be this guy’s job! How about counting to ten next time before you give up and tell your supervisor to finish the job for you?

Also, crawling under houses? No thank you. Never. This is something I never, EVER want to do, so kudos to these people that do that. I was proud of Sheldon for going through with this, but I was NOT proud of him for blowing his cover. While it was nice to have him immediately fulfill Jen’s request for a raise, I prefer when they get the news in the office as opposed to all sweaty outside of somebody’s water-damaged house. Although it was pretty hilarious to hear her backpedal and talk about how great BELFOR is as soon as she found out she was getting her raise.

Undercover Boss is a show that knows what it is, what it does, and it does the same thing just about every week. They find a CEO of a major company that usually comes from really humble beginnings, and they find employees in their company who have their own sob stories to share. Then he sees what a day in their life is like, and tries to change their job for the better. The show is successful, and obviously doesn’t see much reason to change. However, I hope they keep doing episodes like this that differ from previous episodes to help mix up the formula.

Random Thoughts:

– They actually showed the other “contestant” this week! Every week they say that their “cover story” for the TV show is that there are two people competing for the same job, and every week I think to myself “Wait, is somebody else actually doing the same job just like this guy?” This week, they actually showed footage of the other person doing the job! I thought this was a great inclusion to add believability to the show.

– How much longer can this show last until everybody guesses what’s going on?

– Does it bug anybody else that the show doesn’t really start until about 5 minutes in? The intro just shows you footage from the hour of television that you are about to watch, and then cuts to commercials. Why would you want to watch scenes for the TV episode you are ABOUT TO WATCH?