BIG LOVE “Winter” Advance Review

BIG LOVE "Winter"

This Sunday BIG LOVE returns for its fifth and final season on HBO. When last we saw the Henricksons, they had announced to the world their polygamous relationship after Bill’s senate race victory. Now, the family is faced with the repercussions of their stand. As we enter this final season, so many questions remain. In the end, will the Henrickson family remain intact? Will Bill’s dreams of a political career, polygamous harmony, and acceptance by the outside world come true or has the family lost everything upon which it has been built?

I had the opportunity to preview tonight’s episode of Big Love which is aptly called “Winter” as the family enters is entering its darkest days. Perhaps Bill was too much of an optimist or perhaps even he could not anticipate the ordeals the family would have to endure after his announcement. One thing is for sure, the show is still in some of its darkest and coldest times.

So what can you expect from tonight’s episode of Big Love? I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I can say that someone will take up drinking, someone will spill secrets, someone will take a stand and a marriage will dissolve. There is a guest appearance by Grant Show and some bad singing by both him and Bill. The tension among the wives continues to mount just as the tension from the outside world threatens to bring Bill down. Missing from the family were Teeny, Sarah and Ben. Finally, Alby is up to no good as usual.

Basically, this episode is a fallout and cleanup episode. The one thing I did not like about last season was the focus on the political aspect and Bill’s running for Senate. There is still a lot of that left over in tonight’s episode. I only hope that as the writers wrap up this show, they move away from that world and bring us back to the world that started the journey, the Henrickson family. Based on the last scene of the episode, I think that is possible.

What do you expect from this season of Big Love? How do you want the story to end? Tune in tonight for the season premiere of Big Love and then come back here and tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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