PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 4 Review

Episode 4.04

PRIMEVAL Series 4 Episode 4 – Now this is more like it: dinosaurs, death, destruction, mayhem. The pretty girl doesn’t miraculously survive until the end, the geeky guy really doesn’t get the girl, and just when you think they may be getting a handle on things – a whole nest of dinosaurs in the canteen.

This was a good episode. That’s not to say that I can’t find anything to complain about – I always do – but at least there aren’t any massive plot errors like last week. Connor once again calls Philip ‘the most awesomest man that ever lived – ever!’ (paraphrased, natch), having seemingly forgotten that Philip’s add-on program caused a lockdown of the facility because Philip was too much of a dumbass to a) tell Connor anything useful, b) give himself a secondary way of shutting down the system and c) double-check to make sure that no dinos were out and about for whatever reason. But I digress.

There was more hacking this week. This time we find out Jess has mad hacker skillz beneath those garish clothes (I still don’t like her, see below) and some kid in the school has mad hacker skillz beneath his dorkiness. As someone who can barely type in a password with any amount of skill, I feel an irrational jealousy at these scenes. Was there some sort of hacker class in school for every year below mine? It’d beat French class, at any rate. Digressing again – sorry.

So anyway – death, destruction, mayhem, Becker getting attacked (a sheer WTF moment during which I had flashbacks to Cutter’s death and grabbed some tissues, just in case), Connor saving the day (with chemicals that weren’t stored away safely – bad lab techs!), etc. Good stuff.

The B-plot was Philip deciding to kill all the creatures because it would be more ‘humane’. Abby disagreed. Violently, in fact, since she concocted a plan to steal all the creatures – including a mammoth. You know someone’s serious, and slightly off-kilter, when they get nonchalant about stealing a freakin’ mammoth. Tranq it and load it onto a trailer indeed, Abigail.

I have to ask a serious question here: are we supposed to like Jess? Because I understand where the appeal may lie (even if I don’t see it myself) and I understand that her being upset over the girl’s death was supposed to tug at our heartstrings, but I’m sure most viewers will know and like Abby from series 1-3. So when Jess says no to helping Abby save the creatures – including Rex – I don’t see how that could possibly endear her to us anymore.

And she needs to be endeared to some of us quite a bit to make up for the strain on our eyesight from her outfits. Seriously, who is dressing that poor girl and what style are they aiming for? It’s like the costume department bought every ex-Clueless outfit they could possibly find. Is Jess supposed to be a nerd-girl? Note to the producers: not all nerds dress like they got dressed in the dark. While drunk. And in their crazy Aunt Hilda’s closet. Just throwin’ that out there.

And not every stupidly gorgeous man will only show obvious attraction (I’ve been told it’s obvious attraction, see below*) to a girl with a skirt halfway up her thighs. Not saying he shouldn’t, it’s just so cliche it’s almost painful to think about. I miss Sarah. Never thought I’d say that. I need to go overdose on Secker fanvids on Youtube, I think.

(*) I came up with a new word this week just to describe Ben Mansfield: Browly. He acts with browliness. In other words, unless his eyebrows are doing something that looks vaguely naughty, my brain can’t quite work out what he’s supposed to be feeling. I’m not saying he’s a bad actor, far from it, but while some people emote with their eyes, he emotes with his brows.

Sorry, off track again. Okay, so Jess then told Lester, who did a bit of smart mouthing and got Philip to reconsider. I love Lester. Don’t you love Lester? He’s a fantastic character – and completely underused so far this series. As much as I love Alexander Siddig, I’m hoping this shady plotline is going to be mindblowing, because right now he’s just taking away Lester-time.

So there we have it. Haven’t said a word about Matt, have I? Well he did some very vague flirting of his own with Lady Emily whatshername, then he left (and saved Becker’s life), and Emily got kidnapped by the craaaaazy Ethan (but took one of Matt’s tracking devices with her) and… well, that’s it. Hoping that plotline goes somewhere soon, too.

Sidenote: is anyone else wondering what happened to the adorable dinos Sid and Nancy? No? Just me then.

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