MEDIUM “Labor Pains” Review

Medium "Labor Pains" CBS

MEDIUM “Labor Pains” Season 7 Episode 12 – Allison meets a man who has been stalking her via mail for years. The man is desperate for Allison to use her psychic powers to find his wife, who has been missing for a couple of years. Meanwhile, Joe is concerned that Maria might have a learning disability when she starts exhibiting some erratic academic behaviour.

There were so many wacked out things about this episode I’m not sure where to begin. I will say that whilst I thought it was a huge improvement over last week’s stilted episode, the show took some risks that, whilst admirable, left me peeling my eyebrows from the ceiling. This was mainly due to the plot development that followed the fairly ridiculous and unconvincingly execution of Allison’s kidnapping, whereby Allison forgave the man who kidnapped her at gunpoint, handcuffed her to a bed and fed her sleeping pills, in effect threatening not only herself, but the health and happiness of her husband and children. Sure, I expected some closure from that scenario; I did not expect to see her forgive her kidnapper and reunite the clearly unstable man with his toddler daughter. Sure, he went to all of these extremes for the sake of love, but, seriously Allison? Seriously?

Jeremy does not win the creep award. Despite all of that business with the drugs and the two letters a week for two years nonsense, the creep award goes to Miss Fake Pregnancy, Miss I’m Allergic To Adoption Paperwork, Miss Lazy Route Slice Belly. Holding that baby whilst the young woman lies bloody and deflated in the background was a shot reminiscent of the best of Medium (by the way, most affective performance of the episode goes to the tiny thing who couldn’t even open up her eyes).

I liked Maria’s storyline (the three girls made up one of the best family ensembles ever cast) though I wish there had been more to her potential learning disability than securing a job for Joe. Still, the interaction between Maria and Bridgette was gold.

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