YOUNG JUSTICE “Fireworks” Review

YOUNG JUSTICE “Fireworks” Season 1 Episode 2 – The second half the the two-part season opener (and one-hour preview pilot) of YOUNG JUSTICE was even better than the first halve, loaded with comic book-based fun. In “Fireworks,” Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad had discovered “The Superboy” – a clone of you know who – but have been taken captive in the bowels of Project Cadmus due to the evil director Desmond (voiced with nasty glee by Rene Auberjonois) and mind-control creatures. But watching them turn Superboy to their side was great.

The various geno-morphs (all sorts of odd, monster like genetic creations make for quite the gauntlet, but our trio now turned quartet all learned from the best (Well, Superboy is still winging it, but he nonetheless kicks butt). Thanks to good guy DNAlien (as Jack Kirby called ’em) Dubblix, the Guardian is freed of the mind control creatures, just as Desmond swallows the contents of a test tube filled “Project BlockBuster,” turning him into Hulkish creature that can even take on Supes Jr. So, it’s real team time. They work together. And take him down – hard.

In the aftermath, the arrival of the big guns – Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan!) and more was just beyond super. And then, the kids standing up to the adults – Batman (Bruce Greenwood from “Under the Red Hood”) – who’s dressed them down. So, in a fanboy geek drool move (love that Silver Age) they put the kids up in the original cave Headquarters of the Justice League in Happy Harbor as potential covert strikeforce. Batman’s sure to oversee them, but let’s hope for plenty of other cameos at times.

Plus, in another look-ahead touch, we see the addition of one of two female members – Miss Martian (related to Martian Manhunter? We’ll see) with Artemis, a Green Arrowette of sorts, arriving soon. The final tag with the shadowy (literally, fuzzy on screens) Cadmus board also sets up future plots lines. (Can you say Lex L.? Betcha). And THAT is how to do an origin story by way of the DC Animation team. Young Justice “Fireworks” wrapped it up and set up. Four Stars.