HUMAN TARGET “Imbroglio” Review


HUMAN TARGET “Imbroglio” Season 2 Episode 9 – This episode was so Die Hard it’s not even funny. Chance was John McClane, Ilsa was his ex-wife and Winston was Sergeant Al Powell. I’m not sure who Guerrero was but then again, Guerrero is so unique he doesn’t need to be anybody else.

This episode started with Ilsa’s suffering from flashbacks after being attacked by Lopez and subsequently killing him to save herself. The last thing she probably needed was to be put into another situation with men holding guns on her but as both Chance and her sister-in-law said, she’s tough and if anything I think it might actually help her get through her issues. I liked the continuity to the previous episode and the fact that they didn’t just sweep what happened to her under the rug. Chance was very sweet to follow her home, still doing his best to protect her, but I also like that she told him she didn’t need him any longer.

My favorite bits…

Already starting to giggle when Ilsa told her Connie how professional her team was. I just KNEW that elevator door would open to some sort of shenanigans.

Guerrero calling Connie “smokin’ hot.”

Chance putting on the catcher’s mask and asking Guerrero to get back to it.

Connie telling Ilsa that she suspected that Chance would clean up nicely, then Chance showing up and proving her right. Wow.

Poor Chance admitting to Ilsa that he hated it when he was right. Yeah, I bet he does.

Guerrero’s comment Connie that he hoped she provides medical, after her guard got taken down by the men in masks.

Finding out that one of Chance’s special talents was vomiting on cue. Disgusting yes, but it did work.

Winston informing Chance that he’d been listening to him heave for the past ten minutes, why would he go anywhere now? LOL!

Wow, Guerrero must really like that Connie chick considering he didn’t even get mad when she called the cops.

Winston having the balls to pull out a fake DHS badge. Nice!

Chance struggling to remember the name of the agent Winston needed to scare the FBI.

Winston asking the FBI dude if he wanted to save lives or save his career. Go Winston!

Guerrero warning the masked men to walk away and no one would get hurt.

Being very happy to see that Chance’s new body armor did work. Too bad it won’t save him from drowning though. Oh noes!

Surprise at seeing the goons dragging Guerrero down the hallway. I totally thought he could take them.

Cracking up at the site of Guerrero tied to that dolly. Totally reminded me of Silence of the Lambs, especially with the whole nose-biting part.

Chance instructing Ilsa on how to take down a bad guy.

Chance and Ilsa both figuring out at the same time that it was Guerrero up on the top floor, not the terrorists.

Chance chasing the hostages back up the stairs totally reminding me of Bruce Willis doing the same thing in Die Hard.

Chance hitting the wrong guy and asking the terrorists to just raise their hands to identify themselves. I’m surprised that didn’t work, I mean he did ask nicely.

Guerrero sending Morse Code with the light on his gun. Freaking brilliant!

Chance shooting the chandelier and riding the rope up while killing all bad guys. It was all so very macho… well, until Chance couldn’t get himself back down again, LOL.

The FBI dude letting Winston go.

Guerrero flirting with Connie all the way to the end.

Finding out that Chance was the one who had been following Ilsa home.

What did you think of this episode of Human Target? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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