HUMAN TARGET “Cool Hand Guerrero” Review

HUMAN TARGET (FOX) Cool Hand Guerrero

HUMAN TARGET “Cool Hand Guerrero” Season 2 Episode 10 – Okay before I start this review I just have to get something out of my system…

Yay, a whole episode about Guerrero!

Okay, I’m better now.

The first time they introduced Guerrero, I hate to admit it but I didn’t think I was going to like him. I’m sorry but he just looked so odd to me, I couldn’t figure out what his deal was and frankly he kinda creeped me out. Well it just goes to show that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, because it didn’t take long before I was realizing how very wrong I was. Within one episode I could see all of his good qualities: that he was tough, he was hilarious, he was loyal as hell to Chance – in other words he was awesome.

Guerrero always has Chance and Winston’s backs, but in this episode it was their turn to help him out. Only the hardest part for them isn’t really so much the helping bit as it was getting Guerrero to accept that help. I get the idea that’s not so easy for him. He’s more used to being the guy dong the helping and wants to handle his own problems.

Overall I loved this episode. Chance and Guerrero working together inside the prison was great to watch. They are both so good at what they do and seeing them act as a team was a real treat. It makes me hope that we get to see more of that. Also, the introduction of the fact that Guerrero apparently has a son was a nice twist, as was the fact that Chance already knew about the kid. Just more proof of the long history they apparently have together.

My favorite bits…

Finding out that Guerrero not only has actual friends, be he started in his “business” all the way back in the third grade.

Winston stopping himself before revealing what kind of “side jobs” Guerrero does. Yeah, I’m thinking it’s safer if Ilsa doesn’t know either.

Guerrero telling the cops that he had a permit for the samurai sword before opening the trunk. I wonder if he could have tried telling them he had a permit for the body?

The fact that Chance didn’t believe Guerrero at first when he said he didn’t kill the guy. Well, who can blame him? This is Guerrero we’re talking about here.

Ilsa and Ames breaking into Guerrero’s locker. Anyone else besides me expect it be booby trapped?

Guerrero asking his new cellmate to come back in five because his shiv wasn’t done yet. LOL!

Guerrero taking down that dude with nothing but a sheet and then dropping from the ceiling to take out the guard, too.

Chance catching the knife that Guerrero threw at him. Seriously I don’t know what was cooler – how quickly Guerrero threw it or how quickly Chance caught it.

Chance and Guerrero’s mini fight. I say “mini” because neither of them died, lost any limbs or killed anyone else while having it.

Chance and Winston showing up at a store called “Gun World”. LOL!

Ilsa admitting that the only thing she really knows about Guerrero is that he wears glasses.

Liking me some shirtless Guerrero.

Chance holding the phone away from his ear when Winston started going off on him.

Everyone in the store pulling a gun on Chance, including the blonde chick.

Ames figuring out that Guerrero’s code was the name of his car.

Ames finding a picture of a little boy in Guerrero’s suitcase.

Guerrero reading Stephen King’s IT. It totally figures he’d read a book about a scary clown.

Winston and Ames discussing whether or not the stripe on the truck was red or maroon.

Watching Guerrero and Chance take out those four thugs without even breaking a sweat.

The fact that it took a second for Winston to realize that “up and to the right” was northeast on the phone’s GPS.

Winston telling Guerrero that he really needed a hobby if he was following him to bowling every Sunday. Yeah, I gotta say I agree.

Ames not telling Guerrero (or anyone else) about the picture she found.

Chance giving Guerrero the snow globe for his son’s birthday. So unbelievably sweet I nearly died.

What did you think of this episode of Human Target? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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