CSI: NY “Holding Cell” Review


CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 12 – This week’s episode of CSI: NY, “Holding Cell”, started off with the tried-and-true CSI trick of making you think something terrible is about to happen. We see a faceless man put on a gas mask, and walk around a shadowy area and then turn on a faucet which releases some mysterious liquid into a crowd of young people below him. Little did we all know, it was just some guy turning on an alcohol dispenser at some fancy club where alcohol sprays out of the ceiling onto the club-goers below.

So Miguel Martinez, a young club promoter walks into the club, and is later found dead in his apartment. The rest of the episode shows Mac and his team struggle with foreign affairs while trying to solve his murder.

Miguel’s murder investigation is being disturbed by his uncle, who works for a police force in Barcelona, and by Miguel’s mother who does not want her son’s body kept for evidence. I’m not sure why they saw fit to include these angles in the episode. It seemed like whenever the writers thought the investigation was going too smoothly, they would just have the Spanish government or Miguel’s mother pop in to mess things up.

After a few inconsistencies with the blood work and the lack of the murder weapon, they discover that Miguel’s girlfriend just assisted his suicide by allowing him to stab himself to death, and then going in afterwards to clean it up. This was a very disappointing ending for me. If your boyfriend came to you and said, “Hey, I’m going to kill myself, can you help me?” No matter how much they tried to convince me, why not call the cops or a professional or somebody who can deal with his depression? Why just go through with it? It’s like she barely needed any convincing at all!

Overall, “Holding Cell” was an underwhelming CSI: NY episode. Here’s to hoping that they can come back next week with an episode that has a little more excitement in its conclusion. With ratings on the show down, and only a few more episodes guaranteed by CBS, CSI:NY is really going to have step it up.

Random Thoughts:

– Would it kill the casting directors of these CSI shows to cast a few clubbers that aren’t incredibly attractive and have perfect bodies? Every single girl in there was hot, and every dude had a six pack. Come on CSI! Ugly people need work as extras, too!

– I would have loved to hear these guys try to pitch the idea for this club to an investor. “Yeah, it’s going to be a lot of young people dancing around, and then we’re going to literally spray alcohol on top of them! What could possibly go wrong?!”

– Did anybody else notice how often they played Spanish guitars during the episode? It’s as if they were saying “Hey everybody! The people in this episode are from Spain! Get it?!”