BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “The Better Father” Review

BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “The Better Father” Season 1 Episode 13 – BLEEP MY DAD SAYS misfired again with yet another episode centered around the (yawn) just uninteresting secondary characters of Vince and Bonnie. Last week, it was the making a baby story, this time, it turns our their marriage is invalid, so they have to get married again. Ugh. Sitcom cliche #47 – collect them all.

Ed wants to avoid the new wedding because Bonnie’s father Terry (Ed Begley Jr.) is coming and he doesn’t like him. Why? Because he was a flake the first time out, known for taking money and worse, but now it seems he’s a nice guy when he shows up.

The scenes with Henry and Vince as a Groomzilla whining were terrible. And then there’s Bonnie pissy with Ed (yet again). Really, this is the best they can do with a show based on some really funny one-liners and longer anecdotal graphs of amusing stuff, too? The program has completely lost its premise, its anchor and is drifting to boredom land.

Credit William Shatner for still trying to draw real laughs here and there from his cantankerous Ed and even plays it straighter when he finds Terry in a Chinese restaurant gambling away the money he was given for wedding food, so it’s Ed to the rescue, only -big surprise – Terry still doesn’t make it out of there for wedding, giving us a sad but also sentimental ending, Ed stepping in to walk Bonnie down the aisle.

Now there were a few other bright spots, especially the return of Tim, the gay housekeeper played by Tim Bagley, who actually has the best chemistry and timing with Shatner as Ed. His stuff as “wedding planner’ was some of the best chuckles during the show.
So, “The Better Father” here on BLEEP MY DAD SAYS turned out to be Ed. Wow. What a revelation. Shocking. Please. Still holding out hope that next week may make me laugh out loud even a little. But not holding my breath.

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