America Ferrera and Jerry Stiller Join THE GOOD WIFE

The Good Wife - America Ferrera - Jerry Stiller

For her first TV appearance after Ugly Betty, America Ferrera is heading to THE GOOD WIFE on CBS for three episodes this season. According to, Ferrera joins the cast next month on a recurring basis, playing Natalie, a graduate student who catches the eye of campaign manager Eli (Alan Cumming). Jerry Stiller joins Ferrera in her debut episode as the show’s latest and narcolepsy-prone judge. Attorney Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) will go up against Stiller’s justice. Currently he is only signed for one episode, but guest stars who appear as judges on The Good Wife have been known to make repeat appearances.

Off the record: Just the thought of pairing America Ferrera with Alan Cumming is hilarious. I can’t decide if I want Ferrera to play a conniving character or a by the book type. Either would be great to play off of Eli, though you would expect the former personality to be more attractive to him. What kind of character do you want Ferrera to be?