Amber Tamblyn Will Leave HOUSE

HOUSE A Pox on Our House (8)

Amber Tablyn’s doctor will be out by the end of this season. According to, HOUSE creator David Shore has confirmed that the actress’ stint on the show will conclude this spring.

Originally brought in to the fill the temporary void left by Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen, Tamblyn’s deal was only supposed to be for one year.

But Shore had hoped the actress would stay around for longer:

“I wish she was sticking around, because she’s wonderful. But she’s not going to be with us for [much longer].”

Tamblyn’s character Martha Masters, a whip-smart MD-in-training, is set to depart the series right around the time Wilde’s ailing Thirteen is slated to check back in. It is rumored that the two characters will briefly cross paths. Master got a typically chilly welcome from House and others when she arrived earlier this season, hoping to make up for her missing “Dr.” title with encyclopedic knowledge.

Notes Omar Epps (Foreman) on Tamblyn’s character:

“Shes an interesting character, that Masters. Our team is a little bit jaded, so we had to have a lot of patience with her.”

Meanwhile, Shore says he’s “literally working” on the script for her Tamblyn’s final appearance right now. “We’re going to give her a good sendoff. I’m not at liberty to discuss any details,” he insists, “but she’s getting a good sendoff.”

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