THE GOOD WIFE “Breaking Up” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Breaking Up"

THE GOOD WIFE “Breaking Up” Season 2 Episode 10 – What good get Alicia Florrick frazzled? Losing a case? Sure. Problems with her children? Certainly. Watching Will and her brother chumming it up in her office? Frazzled!

After a stellar first half, The Good Wife returns with the usual cool chaos. Alicia’s gay brother decides to crash on his sister’s couch after a hard breakup. His sex life is clearly at delightful odds with her conservative, prim mother in law Jackie (the always delightful Mary Beth Peil) who is concerned that her granddaughter Grace might also be gay. Their conversation was hilarious but then almost any conversation with Jackie is, and watching Jackie and Owen bond was a very welcome and unexpected turn of events, especially now that Owen seems to be sticking around for a few episodes.

Lockhart & Gardner’s newest clients provide enough drama for six Criminal Minds episodes. These two lovers refuse to turn on each other. He loves her. She loves him. We only find out later that she is pregnant with their child. Will has been ruthless before, but when he tries to portray his client’s OB/GYN clinic as her other lover, it takes the cake. I wonder if this is the event which with push Alicia into going with Diane’s firm, if she will at all.

As the episode ends, Diane’s decision to leave the firm is finally out in the open. Will accuses her of “gorging on her own paranoia” before informing her that the equity partners will be gathered to vote her out. Juicy stuff. You’d almost forget Peter’s campaign and amazingly the show can survive without Eli (Alan Cummings).

There were plenty of moral quandaries explored in this episode. It was very satisfying to see that the black young man Will tipped off about the gun defied racist expectations and turned out to be a good Samaritan. Still puzzling is the relationship between Blake and Kalinda. These two dancing around each other is a thrill to watch, but his use of violence still simmers; now we’re waiting for it to explode.

So far it’s ten out of ten for The Good Wife. I’ve yet to sit through a boring or bad episode. What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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