THE CAPE “Scales on a Train” Episode 5 Photos

The Cape

Check out photos from THE CAPE Episode 5 titled “Scales on a Train” which airs Monday January 24 at 9pm on NBC.

Episode Synopsis: THE CAPE “Scales on a Train” Episode 5 – When “The Cape” (David Lyons) tips off Dominic Raoul — aka Scales (Vinnie Jones) — that Peter Fleming (James Frain) has been extorting money from him, Scales heads to a costume party on a train to confront Fleming. “The Cape” and Orwell (Summer Glau), also at the party, discover Max (Keith David) and the gang are going to heist the train, and Vince/The Cape is conflicted about what to do. Meanwhile, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and Trip (Ryan Wynott) must endure scrutiny and taunts while trying to deal with their loss. Also starring: Guest star Richard Schiff (Patrick Portman), Martin Klebba (Rollo), Anil Kumar (Ruvi) and Izabella Miko (Raia).

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  • Anonymous

    The more I see of The Cape, the more promising it looks. To call The Cape campy is an understatement, but it doesn’t seem to be taking itself too seriously – which is a trap that certain shows have fallen into before. In each of the three clips we can see the characters poke fun at the odd situations: Orwell takes an easy “superheros in pajamas” jab, the shop owner implies that The Cape’s ominous moniker needs work, and even Max Malini isn’t above a few pokes at Faraday’s expense. If the writers can keep the characters fun and the action sequences entertaining, this may become a sleeper hit.