MODERN FAMILY “Our Children, Ourselves” Review

MODERN FAMILY Our Children, Ourselves

MODERN FAMILY “Our Children, Ourselves” Season 2 Episode 12 – Mitchell thinks he’s a biological father, Claire thinks she and Phil are idiots, and Gloria makes the Hoffmans think Jay is senile in the “Our Children, Ourselves” episode of MODERN FAMILY.

Okay, who called the little person? I certainly didn’t, making me feel as stupid as Phil and Claire. “Little Slugger.” OMG! Cam’s dramatic wall slide also had me rolling and I love Lily the pint-sized kleptomaniac. Plus, in the middle of all that funny, there’s a surprising amount of genuine emotion in Cam and Mitchell’s story tonight as they examine their relationship through the filter of Mitchell’s possible biological child. I love that Cam drops the big drama and speaks from his heart so that Mitchell has to have his reaction, too. I’m such a mush. I’m not sure how I feel about Mitchell using his tenth reunion to see “if he still could,” as that seems to overly imply gay is a choice, but it does give us Mary Lynn Rajskub and that fabulous reveal at the end.

For some reason I love that Phil and Claire go to schlock B movies like ‘Croctopus 3D,’ even if it means they have no intellectual curiosity. Hee. Love the trampoline scene, though I think Alex should actually use the magic Zen trampoline from Community. “Sanjay’s dad’s a surgeon; his mom’s a professor. I can’t compete with that. I’ll have to do the best with what I was given.” Such a terrific insult and Claire’s obsession with it is so in character, as is Phil’s much more optimistic take. Great meet-up with Sanjay’s parents and their walking into the “Not an Exit” door is priceless.

Wow, when Gloria decides to finally throw someone under the bus, she does a good job. Well-done bickering between Gloria and Jay, and while I see both sides, I would have to go with Team Jay. This story reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Mel Torme thought Kramer is mentally challenged, complete with dribbling. There’s not much to it, but Manny’s description of Jay’s golf game is inspired, as is the dinner scene where Jay breaks up with the Hoffmans.

Favorite lines:
“It’s an OCD thing. I’ve read about a hundred articles about it.” Yes, it’s an obvious joke, but Julie Bowen sells it perfectly.

“She’s gotta eat. I did it out of love.” I think I love Luke more each episode.

“You’re so gay, you don’t even know real girls’ names.” Betty Rizzo and Eliza Doolittle. Hee! Love that Mitchell goes back to this well with his dad and is busted.

“You don’t just tell your partner you might have a baby with someone else and expect him to go back to eating a delicious and inventive meal.” Not that it’s all about you or anything, Cam.

“It’s my fault. You see me achieve excellence and it puts a lot of pressure on you..” Claire and Alex’s twin looks of derision make an already great line so much better.

“Why do you need these things to make you popular? First the walking stick, then the business cards.” I so want to see the business cards.

“Look how long it took us to figure out she was insulting us.” That really was impressive, actually.

“Why do I have to watch a French movie? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Ty Burrell adds just the right amount of whine here. Awesome.

“I’m just going to go and let you two catch up.” Run, Cam, run. I’m still laughing at Little Slugger.

Very funny episode of Modern Family with a nice juxtaposition of the three couples. I love seeing the little things Phil and Claire have in common and the sweet moments between Cam and Mitchell and Gloria is too funny as she convinces the Hoffmans Jay`s mind “is going away.” Fun all around.

What did you think of the episode? Which kid is your favorite? Last season I would have said it was a toss-up between Manny and Alex, but this year I would have to go with Luke.

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