BBC iPlayer Hits 1.3B Requests in 2010

BBC iPlayer

The growing importance of streaming services is evident as BBC iPlayer hits a record-breaking 1.3B program requests accumulated over the 12 months of 2010. With a minimum of 100MM requests each month for TV and radio programming, BBC’s on-demand service reached its third year anniversary on December 25, 2010.

According to, iPlayer users request roughly four TV programs and stream more than an hour of TV content each week. They request weekly around five radio programs and stream around three hours of radio content. In 2010, popular shows included Doctor Who – The Eleventh Hour (debuting Matt Smith as the Doctor), the first episode of Series 15 of Top Gear, and Sherlock – A Study in Pink, attracting 2.2MM, 1.6MM, and 1.4MM requests, respectively. Outnumbered and EastEnders also generated a comparable 1.16MM and 1.13MM number of requests. Sports were the draw as the most popular radio coverage, pulling 317,000 requests for the World Cup game between England and Slovenia.

In 2011, BBC iPlayer continues to expand its services by increasing the number of license fee payers, as well as the types of devices through which the TV platform can be accessed. Most recently the service became available on Blackberry mobile devices, Sony’s connected Bravia TV sets, and the BT Vision digital TV platform. BBC iPlayer has also incorporated social network functionality and links to other video on-demand websites.

Off the record: I don’t know why I’m always astonished by the large number of streaming service users, but I am. Are you? Doesn’t anybody have anything better to do? Right, I have got to get myself a device and subscription to access BBC iPlayer!