WHITE COLLAR “Burke’s Seven” Advance Review

WHITE COLLAR (USA) Burke's Seven

WHITE COLLAR “Burke’s Seven” Season 2 Episode 10 – When it comes to the winter premiere of White Collar, everyone has only one question on their minds – What Happened To Mozzie???

Before I watched the episode, I pretty much knew which way it was going to go and I assumed that everyone else did too. But I decided to snoop around on various messages boards anyway, just make sure my assumptions were correct. As it turned out, they were not.

It turns out that it’s pretty much a 50/50 split, with some people believing that Mozzie did indeed draw his last breath in the summer finale and others convinced that he will be back. Even the “Mozzie Quotes” commercial they’ve been airing on USA haven’t done much to dispel the question. While some see the set of clips as proof positive that Mozzie is on the show and will be forever, still others see them as a farewell montage to a beloved character.

So in the interest of keeping this review spoiler-free, I won’t be discussing Mozzie’s fate. For those who really want to know, I’m sure you can probably find another reviewer who saw an early copy and has no problem revealing what happens to him. As for me, I shall say nothing except that you will know within the first two minutes what happens and that that bit of the storyline is resolved very quickly.

Now onto what I can tell you – first up I can say that this is now one of my favorite episodes of this show. White Collar is always about the relationship between Peter and Neal and how they each work together – Neal learning to do things Peter’s way and vice versa. There’s plenty of that in this episode, but what I also liked was how well they used the rest of the cast, too. In fact, the title alludes to that fact as Peter and Neal recruit friends (some old, some new) to form ‘Burke’s Seven’, as they need help with something they can’t do all by themselves. The results were fantastic. The series of scenes where Peter and Neal do the recruiting were exciting and actually made me quite giddy. Getting to watch this entire ensemble act together (rather than paired off here and there throughout an episode) was a real treat.

Secondly I can say (since I’ve seen this revealed in various places) that Peter rides a horse and does it very well indeed. It might seem odd to some that I mention this bit, but not when you realize how much of the episode I can’t reveal because of spoilers, and the fact that I used to be a horsewoman myself and always appreciate watching an actor I like display such fine riding skills.

I could probably add some naughty joke that alludes how nice Peter’s “seat” was, but I’m trying to be a good girl, so I won’t. 😉

As for the rest, well you’re just going to have to watch the premiere of White Collar next Tuesday and see for yourself.

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