Silent Witness "Lost"

SILENT WITNESS “Lost” Series 14 Parts 1 & 2 – This week’s double helping of Silent Witness focused on a string of murders almost thirty years old, the possible innocence of the man imprisoned for the murders, and Leo Dalton’s involvement in the case.

A new body is found, leading Leo back to his old stomping ground of Sheffield to confront his past – and his future. Meanwhile, a visit from an old friend gives Harry a taste of fatherhood.

‘Lost’ was a tightly written two-parter with enough twists and turns to throw most viewers off the trail. I spent the first 90 minutes convinced the murderer was none other than Assistant Chief Constable Maynard, a theory bolstered by his treatment of DI Hardwick. Of course, I then switched my attention to Jodie’s father and was pleasantly surprised by the reveal of the real killer. As pleasantly surprised as one can be where fictional killers and gruesome murders are involved, anyway.

I thought the treatment of Leo’s storyline was very well done, for the most part. His relationship with Carol Fisher felt extraneous, but juxtaposing his feelings for his wife and child with those of his current partner and her wishes to have a child was a great bit of storytelling, and was played brilliantly by William Gaminara.

The subplot with Harry looking after his friend’s son fitted in neatly and showed an interesting side to the character. Is he ready to ditch the bachelor lifestyle? I was hoping that Nial would stick around for an episode or two more, as illogical as that may be, but it was sweet that he was reunited with his grandfather, who seemed to genuinely care for him.

The reveal of the identity of the girl in the peat bog almost wrapped up the loose ends, but I was left wondering. Why was ACC Maynard so eager, both in the 1980s and now, to cover up the piece of evidence that would cast doubt on Bentley’s conviction. Was it purely to close the case? Did he know who the real killer was? His behaviour would have been a glowing neon sign that something was iffy about the case, even if no new evidence had turned up to corroborate the idea.

Aside from that, I only have one issue with this episode. There are only so many ‘crazy gay men’ storylines the viewing public can be expected to watch. If they’re not well dressed, manipulative bastards, they’re murdering in cold blood. It’s starting to get old. Look, there’s even a trope!

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